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BoatLIFE Marine Silicone Rubber

BoatLIFE Marine Silicone Rubber can be used to seal thru hulls, ports, hatches, and windows to fiberglass, wood, and metal. Marine Silicone Rubber is an all purpose, non-corrosive, non-yellowing, low-odor 100% marine high quality silicone sealant.

Boatlife Marine Silicone Rubber becomes tack free in 30 minutes or less. Properly applied, it will come to a full cure in 24 hours. Use above or below the waterline. Will not shrink, crack or dry out. Makes an ideal bedding compound above the waterline.

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Specific Marine Applications for Boatlife Silicone Rubber:
Ports, windshields, cleats, chocks, thru hull fittings. Recommended for above waterline use. It adheres permanently to most marine construction materials and bonds to itself.

The surface must be dry and free from grease, oil and other contaminants. Cut back any weathered surfaces and dry rot by routing, sanding, or sawing to solid wood. We recommend a thorough washing with an oil free solvent such as BoatLIFE Life-Calk Solvent and Cleaner. No Priming is required. Painting should be accomplished prior to applying sealant.


  • Skin time: 10 minutes - cures overnight
  • Shore A Hardness: 1 day @ 75 F, 20, 7 days @ 75 F, 28 - 30
  • Tear Strength: 25 lbs/inch
  • 100 modulus: 52psi
  • Elongation at Breaks: 350%
  • Operating temperature range: -65 degrees to 400 degrees F
  • Recovery from elongation: 100%


Below Water Line (yes/no): No
Material: Silicone
Rate Of Cure: Slow
Strength: Weak
Type: Adhesive Sealant
Usage: Sealing
5.0 2

Strong Silicone Rubber


This silicon works well to seal around boat hatches. It is stronger then a standard silicon due to its rubbery content. Also works very well on bolts/nuts that may rattle loose. Dries clear. No odor. Remaining product in tube will not get hard after opening provided you seal the cap. Works best if applied directly from the tube without using your finger or any other spreader. This silicon is very sticky and can be messy if you get into it. Not permanent but not easy to remove either. I would buy it again.


Phoenix, AZ


Perfect Bedding Compound


I used this silicone to bed two sets of oarlocks, a pair of chocks, and a cleat on my 17 ft. strip-built Whitehall pulling boat. I needed a bedding compound that would absorb the constant jarring of the oars in the oarlocks and this silicone worked very well. It holds the bronze to the wood and absorbs the shock of the oar movement well.


Port O'Connor, TX


BoatLIFE Marine Silicone Rubber



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