WEST System 206 Slow Hardeners
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  • WEST System 206 Slow Hardener Result

WEST System 206 Slow Hardeners

West System 206 Slow Hardener is a low-viscosity epoxy curing agent for use when extended working and cure time is needed or to provide adequate working time at higher temperatures.

At 72-degrees, 206 Slow Hardener will have a 20-25 minute pot life. When combined with 105 Resin in a five-part resin to one-part hardener ratio, the cured resin/hardener mixture yields a rigid, high-strength, moisture-resistant solid with excellent bonding and coating properties.

Not intended for clear coating applications.

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Mix Ratio, Resin:Hardener  5:1 by weight or volume 
Pot life at 72 F (22 C)  20 to 25 minutes 
Cure to a solid state  9 to 12 hours 
Cure to maximum strength  1 to 4 days 
Minimum recommended temperature  60 F (16 C) 
Pumps required  300, 306-25 or 309 
Material: Epoxy
Rate Of Cure: Slow
Type: Hardener
4.8 19

strong bond


I have used the resin and both 205 and 206 hardener for many years for boat repairs and custom door making . The bond is very strong.




West System slow hardener


Even though it is winter, I still use the slow hardener. I just don't like to have my pot go off before I"ve used all that I mixed. This stuff is excellent.


Lawson, Missouri




Great Service, even for small orders!


Louisville, KY


West System is great


I have been using West epoxy for decades. I have used it for sailboat maintenance, radio antennas, car bodywork, building repairs, toys to timbers. Anything that needs to be filled and faired. The ability to select a hardener for speedy hardening or extended working time is a great advantage.I have used soft filler to repair wooden items like the rotted frames of very large windows that I got free to install in the barn workshop. Once filled they are stronger than wood and impervious to weather for a long time. I have pumps that I occasionally use if I want perfect proportions. But I usually just slop some resin and hardener in approximate proportions into a mixing tray, and for mot purposes it works very nicely. The measurements would probably be more economical and perhaps produce a better finished product but for most jobs I don't bother. The pumps leak as temperature changes expand the pressure in the cans. A sturdy end cap on the pumps would help. I've tried electrical wire-nuts and they are marginally effective. The pumps are messy, and usually spend their time on essentially empty cans.


Plainfield, Vermont


Good product


Normally I prefer only Fast hardener, however, I had a rather large area of mat to wet out and anticipated warm weather ahead; so I purchased the Slow hardener. I did not realize the job would require so much resin and used up all the West System Resin that I had. My preference was to purchase Total Boat Resin because I've grown to like that product more than West; not to mention the money savings with free shipping for Total Boat. Instructions indicated I could use the two name brands together so I purchased Total Boat Resin and the West System slow hardener worked fine with the Total Boat Resin.




Product good have used for a long time


We make walking sticks with brass tips and caps product works well, this order had shipping problems order on 11-10 got the product on 12-1


Western Colorado


Bad picture on website


the website shows the Qt. can so I ordered it..when it came it was a cup. The picture should charge with the product.


Far hills, NJ

206 slow hardener


The slow hardener provides plenty of working time in the 90 degree and 80% humidity environment I am currently working in. I always time my mixing to ensure thorough mix with resin. I am using straight mix for fiberglass layup using directions that are available from West Systems. I had colloidal filler for some smoothing fills. My choice of filler depends on strength vs ease of sanding. Mostly go with strength. With the slow hardener it gives me more working time so very little sanding is typically required. If I do miss a spot I use a grinder.


Guntersville, AL


Best two part adhesive


Be sure to use the metering pumps available for this and the resin.


Santa Rosa, CA


Most versatile of hardeners.


West System is safest, most versatile product of its field.


Montrose, CO


WEST System 206 Slow Hardeners



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