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  • WEST System 207 Special Coat Hardener Result

WEST System 207 Special Clear Hardener

207 Special Clear Hardener was especially developed for use with West System 105 resin in coating applications where an exceptionally clear moisture-resistant natural wood finish is desired.

Improved formula chemistry allows for true clear cure with same UV stability without amber tint. An ultraviolet inhibiting additive improves the resistance of a West System 105/207 mixture to sunlight but the cured epoxy surface will still require the additional protection of a quality UV-filtering varnish.

207 is designed to self level for smooth finishes and to wet-out and bond fabrics. Although it provides good physical properties for general bonding applications, it is more difficult to thicken and less cost effective for this purpose than 205 or 206 hardeners. It's also used for laminating veneers where bleed through at joints may be exposed to sunlight.

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*********CANNOT BE SHIPPED BY AIR*********
Mix Ratio, Resin:Hardener  3:1 by volume (3.5:1 by weight) 
Pot life at 72 F (22 C)  22 to 27 minutes 
Cure to a solid state  9 to 12 hours 
Cure to maximum strength  4 to 7 days 
Minimum recommended temperature  60 F (16 C) 
Pumps required  300, 306-23 or 309-3 


  • Excellent long-term clarity due to improved chemistry and stabilization with UV filters
  • Superior blush resistance
  • Extended recoating time
  • Excellent fiberglass wet out characteristics
  • Ideal viscosity for buildup coats
  • Excellent paint and varnish compatibility
  • Excellent physical properties for bonding


Material: Epoxy
Type: Hardener
Usage: Clear Coating
4.8 11

Slow and clear.


Very clear when dry. Easy to work with. Good for the beginner.


Schaghticoke. NY




It works great. Use it for everything.

Glue guy

Sarasota fl


I would buy this product again


I have used many other epoxy systems and have issues with amine blush and washing it off. I really like not worrying about it with this product. An excellent hard clear finish.

Don C.


Best carbon clear finish is Best Varnish!!


I repainted a box with Carbon clear finish paint system.1st and 2nd coat 207/105 Roll and Tipputty 205/105 with Micro Balloons3rd and 4th coat 207/105 Roll and Tip5th and 6th coat AWLCRAFT2000 clear Roll and Tip7th and 8th coat AWLCRAFT2000 clear Spray Gunsanded by hand with each coat #80 - #320


Yokosuka, Japan


Works great


Predictable cure rate and super looks on my cedar strip canoe.


South mississippi

Shipped fast and well packaged








Awesome product, but I did not necessarily like how it was packaged. JD placed a strip of packing tape over the cap which extended onto the sides, to keep the integrity of the cap I suppose so there was no chance of spillage, awesome idea. BUT, when I tried to remove the tape from the can, it removed the portion of the can that contained the safety information, basically ripped the manufacturer's label off in the process. The tape is see through enough so I did not try to remove and more but possibly next time use crystal clear tape.

Bull Run Canoes

Gainesville, VA


Great Product


Use this hardener when you will be clear coating and UV is a concern.


Asheville, NC


High Quality Product


This is an awesome product. I have yet to discover what can be done with it. Adding fillers and coloring agents, repairs to center boards, hulls and other plastic, fibreglass parts become an easy project. Due to wood out gassing, my current restoration ( Mahogany) project has been quite difficult. Attempts for help have been frustrating. Overall I am very happy with this product.

J Mama

Danbury Ct


Couldn't unscrew lid


Thanks for a chance to respond, the 207 hardener wasn't able to open. The screw on lid was adhered to the "flange" and that was spinning around, there had been some leakage during shipping. I was unable to open the lid correctly, not sure if it was West Systems or Jamestown's doing but it made application harder. Finally just had to punch two holes in it and pour it out that way, wish I could of used my pumps though...It seemed I lost about a quarter of the can during transit. Other than that, you're all great. Talk soon.


Orlando, FL


WEST System 207 Special Clear Hardener



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