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System Three Slow Hardener
System Three System Three
  • System Three Slow Hardener

System Three Slow Hardener

System Three Slow Hardener is a No-Blush hardener that works well in a temperature range of 65 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. At 65 degrees, you will have a 10 hour green cure stage that will allow you to recoat without sanding or washing. The next coat will chemically bond to the uncured epoxy.

When selecting a hardener consider the minimum temperature expected during application and cure time in relation to pot life. Combine System Three hardeners to create a continuous range of cure times within the parameters of the Fast, Medium and Slow.

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  • Minimum Temperature of Curing: 75 degrees F
  • Mix Ratio Resin/Hardener: 2:1
  • Use with System Three General Purpose Resin


Pot Life at 77 Degrees F  Set Time at 77 Degrees F  Cure Time at 77 degrees F 
70 Minutes  9 Hours  3-5 Days 
BRAND: System Three
Material: Epoxy
Rate Of Cure: Slow
Type: Hardener
5.0 1

System Three has performed great.


Measuring Part A and B by weight produces extremely good results.If you use pumps to remove the product from the jugs, prepare for a small amount of dripping after each use. 100% isopropyl alcohol cleans up messes very well.


Sherman, Tx.


System Three Slow Hardener



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