Fiberglass Mat also known as Chopped Strand Mat or CSM
  • Fiberglass Mat also known as Chopped Strand Mat or CSM
  • Fiberglass Mat also known as Chopped Strand Mat or CSM
  • Fiberglass Mat also known as Chopped Strand Mat or CSM

Fiberglass Mat

Fiberglass Mat, also known as Chopped Strand Mat or CSM for short, is a non-woven material typically used for laminate build-up and repair work. It consists of glass fibers laid randomly across each other and held together by a styrene binder.

Polyester is the preferred resin for wetting out this form of glass fiber material as it readily dissolves the styrene bonding agent.

Offered in various weights per square foot. The lightest version, veil mat, is used commonly as a finishing layer to mask any print-thru in a laminate schedule. This particular veil mat uses longer, thinner fibers than heavier mat weights also offered here. Think angel hair pasta to spaghetti fibers. Coarser, heavier mat is commonly used for bulk, random axis strength buildup and is also an excellent initial layer when bonding repair work.

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It did exactly what i needed


I needed a lite weight glass to wrap around 3/4'' plywood the had a 1/4'' radius on both sides. It conformed with no lifting on the small radius.


Kent Island, md


Works for me


I used this product to build up the space left after I removed the rotten wood in the repair of my trawler's door. I found this messy and difficult to work with mostly because I really don't know what I'm doing. The good news is in the end it does the job.


Annapolis MD


very good purchase


Really like your company and plan to do business again on a regular basis

Mister B

Scott City Kansas


Good delicate material


I actually bought this to use in a situation it was not created for I assume. I have used Nu Wall fiberglass to repair cracked plaster walls, it works very well using it and their other products. This fiberglass mat is much lighter and delicate, so I thought it would be useful on smaller cracks. It worked, I used a glue and then plastered over it successfully to hide the crack. I am sure it would work great as a fiber/epoxy build up for curves etc.






I requested the 1708 be rolled rather than folded. Received the product on a nice sturdy cardboard tube. The CSM I also ordered did not, which made it much more difficult to unroll and cut.


Tacoma, WA


material usage


we are building a mold form for our tribar project, will you help me in determining the kind of materials to use. the mold shall be of high strenght because concrete will be filled in.thank


american samoa

Product advertised was what I needed


Recoated my boat floor

Seadoo Wave

Tampa, fl


it worked great very easy too use


i used it to fix my 85 bayliner boat floor

k and l do it all

clarksville tn


Good product[...]


Great product. I am restoring a vintage fiberglass boat and this stuff works great for stringers, transom, hull, and anything else needing to be laminated.


Sacramento, CA


Nice products and services


The product is great, as expected. I'm always pleased with Jamestown's product and services

Hydra Hovercraft

Pagosa Springs, CO


Fiberglass Mat



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