Fiberglass Cloth - 6 Ounce
  • Fiberglass Cloth - 6 Ounce

Fiberglass Cloth - 6 Ounce

Fiberglass cloth is a woven material available in various sizes to allow custom strength, thickness, and weight in projects. Fiberglass cloth provides great strength and durability when layered with a resin to form a hardened composite. This six ounce cloth is 3.9 mils thick.

Fiberglass cloth has many advantages:Greater tensile strength than steel wire of the same diameter;excellent fire and heat resistance; thermal conductivity (making it useful for insulation applications); and chemical resistance properties similar to glass. Durable and economical.

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Fiberglass Cloth -- 6oz
38 or 50 in. wide pre-cut and pre-packaged 6oz fiberglass cloth.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including methanol, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Type: Fiberglass Cloth
Weave: Plain
4.5 26

Worked perfectly for my project.


My R V slide-out roof was seriously in need of repair. I decided to cover it with fiberglass instead of a new vinyl covering. The 38" width was exactly the width of the slide. I put down a layer of cloth and thoroughly wetted it down with resin. While the resin was still tacky, I put on a second layer of resin to give a good smooth surface. Once the resin cured I had a good strong roof. The only disadvantage is the fiberglass is clear and shows the worn roof under the fiberglass. I should have put pigment in the second coat, and am considering a coat of Flex Seal for cosmetic purposes.


Aurora, CO


Exactly what I needed


I used the 6 ounce S glass with G-flex to make repairs to the bow & stern of my Royalex canoe. The G flex was probably overkill but I'm hoping to get away with not adding additional skid plates. Excellent product I would buy again


Charlotte NC


Exact product I was looking for at an awesome price!


Laying up skimboard prototypes requires a wide fiberglass product. This glass is just the right size= limited waste.

Minus 7

Donner Summit, Sierra Nevada Mountains


Great product.


Great price. Lays on nice. I bought 4 oz as well to get in tighter corners as 6 oz is a little to stiff for wrapping 1/2 in plywood

Jon K



6 oz fiberglass cloth worked fine


Had some cracks on my catboat's barn door rudder, so after repairs I resurface the rudder with the 6 oz fiberglass cloth and had excellent results. Wets out easily, weave fills with an additional epoxy coat or two, very satisfied with outcome.


Heath, TX


I would not buy folded fiberglass cloth again.


I purchased this cloth to finish glassing the deck of my wooden kayak. My previous experience with the outside and inside of the hull went fine, but I ran short of cloth. This cloth came very tightly packaged into a little square and the three yards of fabric were very deeply creased. As a beginner boat builder, little did I know that these creases would continue to show up through THREE coats of epoxy. Since this was being used on the deck, I was very disappointed as I wanted it to look terrific. I"m sure more experienced builders may have a way to deal with the folds, but I didn't know better. From now on, I"ll buy it rolled up as my previous cloth was.




very good value


The cloth was wrapped in paper, so folding happens. When I unwrapped it, I cut it to project size, and I put it on a cores.lacquer thinner is a fast powerful cleaner for resin.


San Diego


Wets out clear


This 6 oz. fiberglass cloth wets out easy and cures clear. It worked perfect on my wood kayak.


Lancaster, CA


No complaints. Worked fine for what I wanted.


I used the 6oz cloth to fiberglass my 11' wooden boat. I wetted it out with System Three Silvertip epoxy (slow hardener), and it all worked very well and easily for me. No complaints.


North Georgia


fiberglass cloth - 6 oz


used to fabricate "seat pan" for Vans RV8 experimental aircraft. Many marine products have direct application to experimental aircraft construction.




Fiberglass Cloth - 6 Ounce



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