2 Fiberglass Tape, two inch fiberglass cloth tape
  • 2 Fiberglass Tape, two inch fiberglass cloth tape

2" Fiberglass Tape

Fiberglass cloth tape is made of twisted strands of fiberglass that are woven at right angles to one another. Cloth has the highest glass-to-resin ratio and strength of all fiberglass materials.

Fiberglass tape is usually a narrow, cloth strip with woven edges that prevent unraveling. Use this tape for reinforcing seams and corners, and over epoxy fillets on plywood stitch and glue boats. 8.7 oz/Yd.

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Weave: Plain
4.0 2

Fiberglass tape cloth


Used with pond shield to line the edges in a plywood aquarium.




it met my standards


I used this fiberglass tape to reinforce the perimeter of some plywood bench seats for my small aluminum boat. The tape saved me from having to cut strips from a large sheet.

super dave

Chico, CA


2" Fiberglass Tape



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