6 Fiberglass Tape, 6 fiberglass cloth tape
  • 6 Fiberglass Tape, 6 fiberglass cloth tape

6" Fiberglass Tape

Fiberglass cloth tape is made of twisted strands of fiberglass that are woven at right angles to one another. Cloth has the highest glass-to-resin ratio and strength of all fiberglass materials.

Fiberglass tape is usually a narrow, cloth strip with woven edges that prevent unraveling. Use this tape for reinforcing seams and corners, and over epoxy fillets on plywood stitch and glue boats. 8.7 oz/Yd.

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BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Type: Fiberglass Tape
Weave: Plain
4.7 3

Works like it should.


Fiberglass tape is a simple, humble product that does its job well. Combined with Total Boat epoxy resins, it results in boat repairs that are easy and turn out well.


Greensboro, NC


Excellent Product


Excellent Product the FB Tape Edges stay together when saturated with resin.Nice thick layer of fiberglas cloth when it set's up

Mike Lewis Hvercraft UTUBE video



chine reinforcing


probably the best feature of this tape is the edges are sewn up so no unravelling, also is light enough to lay over a pretty good edge when wet out. I put it on chine of new constructionit will go over a small radius corner well, 1/4" radius im guessing, and will lay over well past 90Deg


Rockport ma


6" Fiberglass Tape



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