Bondo Boatyard Resin - polyester
Bondo Bondo
  • Bondo Boatyard Resin - polyester

Bondo Polyester Boatyard Resin

Bondo Boatyard Resin

A superior polyester multi-use resin for all do-it-yourself repairs and resurfacing and rebuilding boats. Boatyard resin is formulated for small repairs on soft wood metal and fiberglass.

Excellent wetting and penetrating qualities. Holds fiberglass on vertical surfaces. Can be built up with no sanding between layers. Contains Wax.

Boatyard resin can be colored with appropriate coloring agents. Not for use on close grain wood such as oak, cedar, or redwood. Do not use on Styrofoam materials.

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  • Repairs, resurfaces, rebuilds houseboats, sailboats, speedboats, etc.
  • Specially formulated to be start to finish resin for small repairs.
  • Can be used on soft woods, metal and fiberglass.
  • For Repairing hulls, cabins, decks and tanks.


  • Non-Sagging, non-running marine repair resin
  • Excellent sealer for all boat surfaces.
  • Impact resistant
  • Protects against dry rot
  • Cures tack-free
  • Can be tinted with Bondo Marine Coloring Agents

    Directions for using Bondo Boatyard Resin:
    1. Wash the area to be repaired with soap and water to remove water soluble contaminants. Allow to dry, then clean with wax and grease remover to remove any silicone or wax that could later cause failure.
    2. Remove/Grind all paint or gelcoat by rough sanding down to bare metal or fiberglass. When possible, both sides of damaged area should be repaired for added strength. Depress or slightly bend in the edges of the solid metal around the repair area.
    3. Cut pieces of Fiberglass Matting or Cloth to extend 2-3 inches beyond edges of damaged area to be repaired. Put aside for later use
    4. Mix Bondo Polyester Resin as follows: Estimate amount of resin needed to completely saturate cloth or matting. Pour resin into clean container. DO NOT use waxed cup. If using 1/2 can, use 1/2 tube of hardener. For smaller amounts, use 14 drops of hardener per ounce of resin.
    5. Lay Pre-cut fiberglass on a clean surface. We recommend a sheet of aluminum foil or other non-porous material for easy clean-up.
    6. Use paint brush to apply resin-hardener mixture to fiberglass. A dabbing motion will help to saturate the fiberglass and remove any air pockets.
    7. Place saturated fiberglass over damaged areas, flattening and smoothing with a plastic spreader or squeegee. Similarly, place a second piece over the first one. May require more than 2 pieces of fiberglass depending on size of repair and strength needed. Follow same procedure if both sides are being repaired.
    8. Allow material to harden, approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours at 75 F degrees until the repair is dry and cured. Curing will take longer at colder temperatures. To speed curing, use a hear lamp at least 18" from the repair for approximately 15 minutes. DO NOT OVERHEAT OR CRACKING CAN RESULT.
    9. Sand with coarse paper or disc to featheredge. Prime and paint as you would a metal repair.
    10. Paint brush or tools may be cleaned with lacquer thinner while still wet with Bondo resin.
    11. Working life of Bondo Boatyard resin-hardener mixture is approximately 12 minutes. Mix in small amounts; never add/mix hardener with the entire resin can. For extended working life, use only 1/2 the amount of hardener with resin.

  • BRAND: Bondo
    Number Of Parts: Two Part
    Type: Polyester Resin
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