Evercoat Formula 27 extra white plastic filler
Evercoat Evercoat
  • Evercoat Formula 27 extra white plastic filler

Evercoat Formula 27

Formula 27 extra-white plastic filler for water proofing, filling dents, scrapes and gouges in wood, metal, fiberglass, and concrete. Will not shrink pop out or crack. Better than spackling for wall repairs. Includes hardener. It won't crack, pop out, or shrink after curing. Formula 27 can be mixed with Evercoat Color Agents for color matching.
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BRAND: Evercoat
Material: Polyester
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Rate Of Cure: Fast
Type: Fillers
Usage: Filling
4.0 3

said before..good stuff but sets quickly


Hit something in the water with my bass boat,bought this to make a repair,seems to fill in nicely, just need to sand. Great stuff just wish the details on mixing were more detailed,might have used to much hardener ,wish it came in different colors.




Good stuff


Mix 10:1, just like bondo. Mix well and be prepared before you mix. Work fast and spread as flat as possible to minimize sanding.




Good Product, sets up quick though


Good product!! Be careful to only mix up what you can spread in 3 minutes. Sands great with 120-150 grit. Good price point. Needs better directions on the hardener/ base mixture. It says a 4" diameter on the base, with a line of hardener across the 4" base. It is difficult to spread that much filler under three minutes, especially if you are fairing small holes.


Dallas, TX


Evercoat Formula 27



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