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  • Gluvit Epoxy Water Sealer

Marine-Tex Gluvit Epoxy Water Sealer

Gluvit is a waterproof epoxy sealer used to find, fill and seal leaks. Use it on cracks in fiberglass, metal, and wood on your boat or in your home.

Application results in a hard, impact and abrasion resistant protective barrier coat that minimizes fiberglass blistering and corrosion. In addition, the hard protective coating flexes with hull movements to bridge and seal hairline cracks. Use Gluvit on aluminum fishing boats to repair leaky aluminum seams and rivets.

The cure rate has a long working time that allows penetration into cracks to seal and strengthen. Gluvit fills minor chips and pinholes, and is easily painted with most bottom or topside coatings and paints.

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Technical Data

  • May be pigmented with Fiberglass Evercoat coloring agents
  • One coat 10 mils thick withstands 4000 lbs/sq.ft. of water pressure
  • Neutral color can be pigmented or painted
  • Pot life is 1 to 2 hours
  • Qt = 2 lb unit ; Gal = 8 lb unit
  • Can be used on boats, surfboards, snow boards, etc.
  • Coverage (Quart): 25 sq. ft. @ 10 mils; 25-35 sq. ft. @ 8 mils
  • Coverage (Gallon): 100 sq. ft. @ 10 mils; 100-130 sq. ft. @ 8 mils


Gluvit Application Information

A few strokes of Gluvit can renew deteriorated wood. It penetrates and strengthens decking, molding, and stringers. It forms an excellent impact- and abrasion-resistant barrier coat that minimizes fiberglass blistering and corrosion. Gluvit seals leaky aluminum seams, rivets, and leaks around decks or cabins.

Repair Leaky Aluminum Hulls:

Leaky seams in aluminum hulls can be difficult to seal. Gluvit is an excellent leak sealer and barrier coat for all types of surfaces. This waterproof epoxy flexes with hull or deck movements to resist the checking or cracking associated with typical epoxy systems.

Remove all contaminants from repair area with solvent or a strong detergent cleaner. For maximum adhesion, sand the area with 80-100 grit sandpaper, then wipe with dry, clean, rags. Apply a coat of Gluvit with a roller or brush or at 6-8 mils, and tip lightly with a foam brush to smooth the surface, if desired.

The finely ground fillers in Gluvit offer superior abrasion resistance. For exceptional corrosion resistance, especially in salt water, Gluvit can be applied to rivets or an entire hull. This epoxy has a working time of about 60 minutes at 72°F to provide ample time to complete bigger projects.

Renew Rotted or Soft Wood:

Dry rot is a common problem on boats with wood cabins. Gluvit can help to restore damaged wood and seal it against further deterioration. Gluvit has a long open time that allows it to penetrate deep into porous or rotted wood.

Drill small holes in the damaged area and fill with Gluvit. It will be absorbed by the wood, and its hard protective coating will seal against further attack by vermin or weathering.

Gluvit's protective waterproof coating strengthens stringers, decking and molding, and it flexes with hull movements to maintain effective bridging.

Application Directions

  1. Remove contaminants such as grease, oil, and dirt with lacquer thinner or strong detergent. If cleaning an aluminum surface, use an Aluminum Prep Wash to help scarify the surface. For maximum adhesion, sand to a bare surface with 80-100 grit sandpaper. Remove all grit and dust after sanding with another rinse of solvent.

  2. Fill deep holes (more than 1/8" in depth) with Marine-Tex Epoxy Putty before applying Gluvit.

  3. Pre-proportion sufficient resin and hardener in the correct ratio to cover the areas to be sealed and/or repaired. Gluvit can be broken up into separate batches if desired. Mixing ratio by volume for batches is 5 parts resin to 1 part hardener. If you will be using the entire kit at once, add the entire contents of the hardener into the resin and thoroughly mix contents for 3-4 minutes to insure complete mixing. Be sure you can use the entire kit within the pot life or working time period.

  4. Apply Gluvit with a brush or roller at 6-8 mils film thickness. Lightly drag a foam brush in long even strokes over the freshly applied coating to smooth the surface. After the first coat cures for 12 hours at 72°F, a second coat can be applied for optimum performance.

  5. Gluvit hardens overnight. Allow 48 hours at 72°F for maximum strength. Working time and cure will be longer at lower temperatures, and shorter at higher temperatures. Note: If the ambient temperature is below 50°F, pre-condition Gluvit and the work area to at least 55°F.

  6. Gluvit offers an open time of about 60 minutes at 72°F to provide adequate working time for larger jobs, such as an entire deck or hull. Gluvit cures in 24-30 hours at 72°F. Apply heat to speed cure if necessary or if the temperature will be below 55°F.

  7. Gluvit may be applied over mildly damp (not wet) surfaces. Do not apply Gluvit when rain is pending. In the uncured state, Gluvit will absorb rain water, turn milky white, and take longer to cure—but it will harden in time.

  8. To overcoat Gluvit after cure, wash the surface with warm soapy water or a dilute vinegar solution and a fine abrasive pad, or wet sand, then dry with clean towels or cloth. Frost-sand surface with 80-100 grit sandpaper to remove any gloss. Gluvit can be overcoated with any marine paint or other coating compatible with epoxies. Polyester resins, such as gelcoat, do not adhere well to epoxy material.

Note: All Gluvit containers are packaged by weight. They are slack-filled (not filled to the top), which leaves sufficient room for a power mixer to blend the resin and hardener thoroughly.

BRAND: Marine-Tex
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Rate Of Cure: Medium
Type: Marine Sealer
4.6 30

Highly recommend


Works great easy to use.

Bobby nastasi

Grafton, Massachusetts


shelf life


worked great for what we wanted. To cover the rivets in the bottom of an aluminum boat. NO LEAKS. ; ) east to mix and spread. Use all you can then, no shelf life after you mix. We did however used 1 gallon and did 2 mixing. Seemed do just fine.




This sealer worked as expected so far. I would buy again.


This sealer seemed to mix well. I bought the "big" can, which suggests mixing all at once, which was completely beyond the scope of this initial project. So I measured and mixed and sealed , all seems good. I hope the remainder has some shelf life as I have more applications. Set up time was fine, gave me time to work in the desert, and cured well in 24 hrs.




Great Product


Used to cover entire bottom of an aluminum boat. Worked like a charm.

Bayou Dorcheat



excellent repair


Seal cracks and leaking rivets

Tub runner



Great product


Great product easy to use, rolls on well, dries within a few hours, sands easily if needed, I used it on the bottom of my 16 ft aluminum boat, because I had several small leaks. Use Marine teco to fill in any pin holes, scratches or imperfections, this product covers well but I recommend two coats. Be sure to remove all oxidation from the aluminum, I used a high speed pneumatic tool with wire wheels. Can't wait to put the boat in the water, I am confident the boat will not leak.


Orlando, Florida


I would definitely buy this product again.


I use this to seal my 12 foot aluminum boat for duck hunting and it worked great. Very easy to use and dried up quickly but still let it sit the recommended time.

Waterfowl hunter




This is the first time I have used Gluvit so I do not know what to expect I am using it on 50 year old steel pontoons, so far I like what I see but will know more as the season goes on. It was applied on the pontoons after prep of a electric wire brush to get rid of any lose material but still lots of anti fowl paint on the pontoons so I will see what happens.


Ripon Wi

Gluvit sealer on aluminum hull


Did the repair of sealing an aluminum boat on the inside when leaking




Great Product


This product applied well and it appears to be long lasting. I painted the bottom of my 14' aluminum boat and I will test this product over the next several years in mainly salt water use. One thing that the seller should tell you is that the gallon can is only half way full. I knew this was the case because a friend purchased this product before me and warned me that the gallon can was only a little over half way full. For someone not aware, this may cause them to have to make a second order.


Central Florida


Marine-Tex Gluvit Epoxy Water Sealer



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