3M 233+ Masking Tape, 3M 233 Plus Masking Tape
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  • 3M 233+ Masking Tape, 3M 233 Plus Masking Tape

3M 233+ Masking Tape

3M 233 Plus masking tape is bright green, high performance crepe paper-backed, rubber adhesive masking tape that is water and solvent resistant, and can be torn by hand.

3M 233+ masking tape offers clean easy removal when properly applied. Use this tape indoors or out for critical paint masking above the waterline, bottom painting, brightwork, finishing, and coating. This tape is not designed for use on outdoor masking for more than 1 day. Minimum application temp 50° F.

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  • Removes cleanly when subject to temperatures up to 250 degrees F for up to 30 min.
  • Heat and solvent resistance will provide excellent performance in most paint masking applications
  • Excellent transfer resistance from hard to remover surfaces like EPDM Rubber moldings
  • 233 is better than most conventional masking tapes for sunlight resistance.
  • Excellent paint masking tape


Days: One Day
Type: Masking Tapes and Plastics
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Excellent tape! Clean, sharp line.


We used this tape when we bottom painted. It left a very clean, sharp edge. I've tried many other types of tape before and always had some bleed thru. We're sold on the product. I've already recommended to my sister and a friend. Both saw our results. They both bought some and are waiting to give it a try.


Sheboygan, WI


3M 233+ Masking Tape



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