3M 218 Fine Line Masking Tape
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  • 3M 218 Fine Line Masking Tape

3M 218 Fine Line Masking Tape

3M 218 Fine Line masking tape is great for paint striping. This tape stretches for smooth curves and tears easily. Not for extended outdoor use of more than one day. Finest color separation available. Paint sharp, precise lines with clean edges. Resists sticking to or pulling up new paint.

3M 218 Fine Line tape is moisture and solvent resistant. It reduces paint buildup on edges. 218 pulls up clean; leaves no residue.

This tape is used by professional teak installers as a bond break liner underneath teak deck caulking with polysulfide caulk beads. Using a bond breaker compensates for expansion and contraction between wood and caulk.

Available in Fine Line Tape in various widths, and Fine Line Paint Striping Tape with pull-out slits ideal for multi-color striping.
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  • Will give excellent color line separation due to its thinness
  • A specially processed film backing stretches easily for smooth curves, yet can be easily torn by hand
  • 218 has excellent moisture and solvent resistance
  • Should not be subjected to outdoor exposure or prolonged periods of sunlight as tape may become difficult to remove


Days: One Day
Type: Masking Tapes and Plastics
3.0 8

Poor Quality Item


Bought this item for pin stripping. Tape has poor adhesion and poor paint blocking capability. Hard to work around tight corners. Very expensive and not worth it.

DIY painter

New England


Not that grand


Very low tack / adhesive properties. Limited use.



Fine Line for masking the boot top


You can't beat this product for making your waterline - boot top and any area that needs the tape to stay on longer than a few hours. It leave the cleanest line ever. Make sure you press down the edges good.

Sailing Vessell KaSondera

Merrimac, MA


buy more than you think you will use


the tape is high cost but good you always need more than you thinkshould not cost so much

sandra Jane

st Simons Island Georgia


Watch Out!


We have used this for years - bought a new supply for a project and the adhesive on the new stuff is awesome to say the least. It lifts every finish we have put it on - including well cured several years old 2-part paint and varnish. It has caused lost weeks and time repairing the damage. We have now tested it alongside every other tape we have - including gorilla tape and none removes finish like this one.


Atlantic Highlands, NJ


Good lines but leaves adhesive reside


Used the tape to do boot stripe lines. Went on well. I really liked the slight stretch I could get. That really helped keep the tape going on slightly curved surface. No need to break tape and restart in order to keep with desired line. But I am extremely unhappy with this tape. It left residue on areas where it had had some sunlight. Now I have to figure out how to remove residue without damaging the stripes I worked so hard for. This means A LOT more work for me.




Inlay work


This tape does a great job of masking off inlay areas on furniture to avoid stain.Read about it in fine Woodworking


Severna Park MD


Better than expected


Used this to tape off the trim on a wooden sailboat. It performed as well or better than advertised. Clean, sharp lines when removed after both primer and enamel had been applied. Only one area where a little superficial wood pulled up. Just flexible enough for the gentle curves needed.

The wood doctor

Winston-Salem, NC


3M 218 Fine Line Masking Tape



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