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3M Masking Film

3M Pre-Folded Masking Film rolls are a high-density, non-porous film specially designed for paint masking and paint overspray protection. The non-porous film material resists paint penetration on marine and automotive paint surfaces. Clings to the surface, preventing overspray from seeping onto surface.
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3M Hand-Masker Advanced Masking Film unfolds to cover large areas, has superior flake resistance, is highly translucent to allow natural light in, prevents bleed-through of liquids, and keeps film in place, even in windy conditions. Advanced masking films are great for multiple-coat applications of paint and other coatings.

Also available is a high-density, protective plastic overspray sheeting that's translucent and tear resistant, and provides excellent edge masking as well as protection from overspray, and covers very large areas.

Item Number  Type  Size 
3M-95255  Advanced Masking Film  24 in. x 180 ft. 
3M-90038  Advanced Masking Film  48 in. x 180 ft. 
3M-90039  Advanced Masking Film  72 in. x 90 ft. 
3M-90040  Advanced Masking Film  99 in. x 90 ft. 
3M-06727  Overspray Sheeting  144 in (12 ft.) x 400 ft. 

Advanced Masking Film Features

  • Superior flake resistance properties
  • High translucency allows light in
  • Static cling feature keeps film in place in windy conditions or when spraying paint
  • Pre-folded, and unfolds easily to cover larger areas
  • Lightweight, thin, and strong—great for multiple coat paint/coating applications

Overspray Sheeting Features

  • High-density, durable, clear, strong, and resistant to tearing
  • Treated to provide excellent adhesion of overspray
  • Large enough to accommodate a small automobile
  • Can be used with Masker 3M-06780 (sold separately)


Type: Masking
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Better than newspaper!


3M makes many quality painting products. This plastic film does a great job when masking projects. Clean, strong yet conforms when needed I like this better than paper masking film and I would only use newspaper under a parakeet!


Melrose, MA


3M Masking Film



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