3m 6000 series full face respirators, 3m 6800, 3m 6900
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  • 3m 6000 series full face respirators, 3m 6800, 3m 6900

3M 6000 Fullface Respirators

3M 6800 and 6900 Full Face Respirators have a soft lightweight facepiece and easy to adjust head straps to allow maximum comfort. Requires only limited maintenance time. Just clean as directed between uses. NIOSH approved. Much like the 6200 but with added eye protection. For use with the 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge. Can also be used with additional accessories: 501, 502, and filters 5n11 and 2091. Respirators and cartridges sold separately. 3M 6800 is a size Medium, 3M 6900 is size Large.
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Respirator: Fullface Respirators
Type: Respirators
4.8 5

Comfortable protection


Very comfortable and provides excellent protection. Wish I had bought one years ago. Easy to seal yourself off from dust and fumes. Use mine for bottom work and now don't get any dust lines on my face from wearing separate eye shield and dust mask while sanding. Nice to have easily replaceable dust filters and I do recommend the replaceable lens covers though I don't see them listed in the Jamestown catalog. Also takes care of fumes from epoxy and bottom paint. I bought the medium size and have no issues with fit.

Boat ovehauler

Great Lakes


Great Respirator!


Fits like a glove and is really easy to put on and take off. Like a previous reviewer said, I wish I'd got one of these years ago. It's recommended you buy a pack of the disposable face protector shields if you'll be using it to spray paints.


San Diego


What a product!!!


Well...if you've ever sanded the bottom of a boat and used the simple goggles, and the little mask...then I'm sure your eyes felt as good as mine. YIKES. It was brutal. This mask is awesome. I sanded for nearly 4 hours no fogging, no leaking. My eyes were clean, and it was a pleasure to sand (the iPod helped too). This is the way to go. Great visibility, protection, and comfort. I can't wait to sand again next year (OK that's a stretch, but it was great)

The Sand Man

Rhode Island


Very good if you don't need glasses


I use it to sand and fiberglassing epoxi composite boats, but it becomes almost useless to me because I need to use glasses, and the arms of it causes air leakeage around the mask vedation, and the nose piece is too large to accomodate the glasses. I think that this limitation must be better displayed on the product especification. Excepting by that, it's a very good mask.

Davids Boatbuilder

Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, SP, BRAZIL


Save your lungs and protect your eyes


My favorite thing to use sanding old bottom paint- keeps the dust and flakes out of my eyes and lungs. The fullface mask does a good job when making sawdust too.

Woodworking Dan

North Kingstown, RI


3M 6000 Fullface Respirators



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