Tyvek - Paper Paint Suits
DuPont Tyvek
  • Tyvek - Paper Paint Suits

Tyvek - Paper Paint Suits

These Tyvek paper suits are double seam reinforced with a non-sparking zipper. Provides complete coverage with comfort and freedom of movement. Tyvek paint suits are commonly used for painting and sanding. Typical application include: agriculture, food processing, medical applications for use as modesty garments, fiberglass manufacturing, spray painting / finishing operations, lead abatement, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, and other applications involving dry chemicals, dirt and radioactive dust.

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  • A proprietary fabric technology only available from DuPont
  • The industry leader in disposable, dry particle and aerosol protection
  • An inherent barrier - not a laminate that can be easily scratched or compromised
  • Available in a complete range of protective garment styles
  • Lightweight, low-linting and anti-static


Type: Paint Suits and Accessories
4.0 3

If needed


Not going to fill out all of the individual products that were ordered but, that said, you guys are always spot on. Customer Service is always top-notch and, as an aside, love your videos...Thanks for helping us out at this crazy time.


Lancaster PA


Does the job


Did the job - 5 coats of primer & bottom paint and this thing kept it all off me. It was 80+ degrees when I used it - I sweat so much that as I was stirring the paint sweat was pouring out of my sleeve into the can. Because of this, I would not expect to re-use.


Solomons, MD


Suit up- you will work better


If you are doing a bottom job on a boat- in addition to the usual supplies and tools you really need a couple of paint suits, good disposable gloves, a good respirator and googles. The paint suit will keep the debris and chemicals off your clothes and skin. If you do fiberglass work the paper suit will prevent the itchies.


New Bedford, MA


Tyvek - Paper Paint Suits



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