Tyvek - Paper Paint Suits with Hood
DuPont Tyvek
  • Tyvek - Paper Paint Suits with Hood

Tyvek - Paper Paint Suits with Hood

These Tyvek paper suits are constructed with double seam reinforced Tyvek and a non-sparking zipper. Provides complete coverage with comfort and freedom of movement. Comes complete with a hood.

Typical applications for these Tyvek suits include: agriculture, food processing, medical applications for use as modesty garments, fiberglass manufacturing, spray painting / finishing operations, lead abatement, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, and other applications involving dry chemicals, dirt and radioactive dust.

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  • A proprietary fabric technology only available from DuPont
  • Industry leader in disposable, dry particle and aerosol protection
  • An inherent barrier - not a laminate that can be easily scratched or compromised
  • Available in a complete range of protective garment styles
  • Lightweight, low-linting and anti-static


Type: Paint Suits and Accessories
4.8 6

I would buy again.


Good product. Does not easily tear. Just have to make sure the order qualifies for free shipping.


Springfield, Illinois


These are great!


Refinishing floors in a 1985 Grand Banks. The suit is lightweight and provides great protection from the sawdust. It is roomy and very comfortable.

Annie C

Isleton, CA


Best suit against poison oak


This suit is great for protection against poison oak oils while eradicating the pesky plants in my landscape. Using care while removing the suit after the job is done is important, too. This suit has saved my from weeks of agony as compared to a friend who tried to be careful and not touch the poison oak we were removing. Poor him. I offered the spare suit I had, but he would not listen. Great for painting protection, too.

Jack the gardener

Anaheim, CA


many varied uses


good for bee keeping, pressure washing, going into craw spaces & attics, painting, and working in grubby spaces.


Florence, OR


First Time Buyer


Tearing out 30 year old crumbling insulation.[...]

Do-It-Yourself's Mom

Arlington, VT


The way to go when doing messy work


The full paper suit with hood really does the job when it comes to keeping bad stuff off your clothes and skin. Bottom paint drips, or bottom paint dust is best kept off your skin. The professionals use these suits for a reason. Work like a professional and stay clean like one. Don't for get safety glasses and a good respirator.

David S

Jersey City, NJ


Tyvek® Paper Paint Suits



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