AwlGrip GripTex Non Skid Additive
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Awlgrip GripTex Non-Skid Additive

To be used with AwlGrip and AwlCraft 2000 Topcoat Boat Paints to give a Non-Skid texture for deck and step areas. Anti-Slip and non-skid additives are mixed directly with topcoats, or added to a "tacky" paint surface. People have had success adding these polymeric particles to varnishes (actually 2-part clear polyurethanes), as well as other similar multi-part polyurethane boat paint finishes. Griptex is available in fine, coarse and extra coarse, letting you customize grip or traction levels.
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Mixing and Reduction For spray application, add 4 oz/113.4 grams by weight of Griptex non-skid additive to each gallon of mixed color base and converter.

Application Instructions Griptex particles may be added to mixed topcoats and applied by spray. Dry particles may be broadcast or sprinkled into a tacky paint film. Do not apply to surfaces warmer than 105 F or colder than 55 F. Do not attempt to cure below 55 F (13 C).

Cautions Previously painted surfaces must be tested for compatability before applying Awlgrip products. Gelcoat non-skid areas need to be thoroughly cleaned abraded. Use Scotch-brite, water, abrasive cleaners, and stiff brushes to ensure proper cleaning. For final removal of abrasive residues and sanding dirt, wrap a stiff brush in clean cotton cloth. Scrub the sanded surface with the cloth wrapped brush. Brush bristles force cloth into the grooves and valleys of the old non-skid, removing contaminants from the surface. Change cloths frequently. Flush the surface with fresh water and allow to dry before wiping with Awl-prep.

Note Even on small jobs, long term performance is improved if surfaces are primed before an Awlgrip or Awlcraft 2000 Topcoat is applied.


  • Type: Polymer bead
  • Color: Translucent
  • Use air atomized spray equipment. Fluid tip must be at least .070". Do not use airless or air assist airless spray equipment


BRAND: Awlgrip
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Non Skid Additive
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awlgrip use


I used this product on 36' Rinker top non skid area. I rolled it on, tried shake method, did not yield great results. mixed with paint and gelcoat before hardener or other activators worked best. Took 3 coats to get results desired. Used coarse size.Product must be mixed thoroughly.

The Worx Boat and RV Restoration





I dont know why so little product is being called for here. Awlgrips product sheet calls for much more product per gallon.............."For spray application, add 8-10 oz. (227-284 grams) by weight of GRIPTEX Non-Skid Particles to each gallon (3.785 liters) of mixed color base and converter"



Works Great


You'll need to use twice the amount specified to get a surface that is truly "non-skid". Other than that it is an awesome product.I used it with gelcoat.




Awlgrip GripTex Non-Skid Additive



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