EC Cutter, portable electric scissors
EC Cutter EC Cutter
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EC Cutter Electric Cordless Scissors

EC Cutter Cordless Electric Scissors cut fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar quickly and safely. This unique, lightweight, portable cutter has multiple uses in a fiberglass shop. Excellent for cutting patterns and hand- laid laminates.

Cuts like a hot knife through butter! Give your fingers a break and take the work out of cutting. These electric shears make quick work of reinforcement fabrics at the push of a button. The unique blade configuration cuts fabrics and vinyls with ease, but can't cut your fingers. The rechargeable battery provides hours of use between charges, and eliminates the need for awkward or restrictive power cords. Ships complete with two blades (standard and flat base), rechargeable battery, battery charger, AC adapter, and transformer with power cord.

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Kit Contents

  • Cutter body
  • Standard blade
  • Flat-based (shoe) blade
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery charger
  • AC adapter
  • Transformer and power cord


EC-Cutter cordless electric scissors are specifically designed to cut tough fabrics like Aramid, Kevlar, carbon fiber cloth and more. The EC-Cutter features a light weight, ergonomic shape that eliminates the fatigue associated with manual cutting.

A powerful, long lasting rechargeable battery means there is no cord to trip over or get in the way of larger work pieces. Unique half-moon shaped blades are hardened to stay sharper longer than conventional cordless scissors.

Short, rapid strokes mean accurate, clean cuts for intricate work. The short cutting stroke makes the EC-Cutter less suitable for cutting materials thicker than 1/8 inch.

Warranty Information

Six month Manufacturer's warranty. The electric scissors are guaranteed free of defects in workmanship for 6 months from date of purchase. Receipts must be retained as proof of purchase.

BRAND: EC Cutter
Type: Electric Scissors and Accessories
4.5 67

E.C. Cutter Electric Scissors


I have a upholstery business and this is my second set of this cutter I LOVE IT!! I also work part time in fabrics and take these with me So easy to use and customers love the clean cut!! I just wish there was a way to sharpen the blades instead of having to buy replacements for half of what the whole set costs!! They need to adjust their price LOL

Botany (plant lover)

South Bend,Indiana


Best sewing scissors! On my way to buying my 3 pair.


I sew. These are great! Sharp, smooth cut on all fabrics, linen, chiffon, silks, fur, spandex. But don't drop them... they will break.**** Since I drop them all the time off the high table, I ALWAYS duct tape the blade piece to the handle. The tape acts as a protective bumper and prevents the scissors from breaking at the connection point.


Alexandria, VA


Easy to use and less mess


Cutting fiberglass without the raveling is awesome.


Durham NH




I use these scissors for cutting vinyl. I'm in the boat Upholstery business. They work great. No stress on the hands that regular scissors cause.


Barnegat, NJ


Great sissors


Cuts well through many layes




Snip Snip


I've seen reviews describing this cordless scissor as looking cheap with poorly fitting parts. Not true. It's just the opposite. Design and implementation is flawless. Parts fit together with no gaps or poor fitting pieces. This scissor is not an industrial shear. It won't cut thick material including thick cardboard. Cuts various fabrics, poster board and similarly thick materials with precision.




Will Buy Again - Great Customer Service


Perfect for arthritic hands. I have used carpet shears for many years and they have taken a toll on my hand. Wish I would have discovered these scissors sooner. Makes it so much easier to trim a carpet remnant for binding. I had one small issue when my scissors arrived. Made one phone call and problem was solved immediately. Nice to see a company stand behind their product. Will be ordering a second pair for a gift.

Carpet Binder

Missoula, MT


Cut Through Clear Vinyl With Ease!


I am in the marine canvas industry. Essentially, I replace clear vinyl and canvas on boats. Until I received the EC Cutter, shears were used to cut the material. With the EC Cutter, I save time and eliminate fatigue. These electric scissors cut through 40 gauge clear vinyl (often referred to as Eisenglass) and canvas with ease. I should have purchased this tool a long time ago.

Canvas Dude

Southern California


This product saved my business.


I have been using the EC Cutter for several months and had to submit a review because it's an invaluable tool for my business. I sew items made from recycled firefighter turnout gear and I could no longer cut the Nomex fabric with the scissors I had. I quickly dulled all of the very good quality scissors that I owned and I was hurting my hand each time that I would cut the fabric. The EC Cutter solved the problem and the battery life is surprisingly long.






These cutters are easy to use and comfortable in your hands. The carbide edge on the blades mean they will last longer than most electric scissors. The added bonus is that they will work with the cord plugged in or cordless. I'm sure I will be able to cut many, many yards of fleece with these


Boyertown, PA


Electric Cordless Scissors



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