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EC Cutter Electric Cordless Scissors

EC Cutter

Cut Fiberglass, Carbon and Kevlar quickly and safely! This unique, light weight cutter has multiple uses in a fiberglass shop. Excellent for cutting patterns and hand laid laminates.

Like a hot knife through butter! Give your fingers a break and take the work out of cutting. These electric shears make quick work of Fiberglass, Carbon fiber and Kevlar fabrics at the push of a button. Its unique blade configuration cuts fabrics and vinyls with ease but can't cut your fingers. Rechargeable battery provides hours of use between charges and eliminates the need for awkward or restrictive power cords. Ships complete with two sets of blades, rechargeable battery, battery charger, AC adapter, and transformer.

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EC-Cutter cordless electric scissors are specifically designed to cut tough fabrics like Aramid, Kevlar, carbon fiber cloth and more. The EC-Cutter features a light weight, ergonomic shape that eliminates the fatigue associated with manual cutting.

A powerful, long lasting rechargeable battery means there is no cord to trip over or get in the way of larger work pieces. Unique half-moon shaped blades are hardened to stay sharper longer than conventional cordless scissors.

Short, rapid strokes mean accurate, clean cuts for intricate work. The short cutting stroke makes the EC-Cutter less suitable for cutting materials thicker than 1/8 inch.

Warranty Information

Six month Manufacturer's warranty. The electric scissors are guaranteed free of defects in workmanship for 6 months from date of purchase. Receipts must be retained as proof of purchase.

BRAND: EC Cutter
Type: Electric Scissors and Accessories
4.4 59

This product saved my business.


I have been using the EC Cutter for several months and had to submit a review because it's an invaluable tool for my business. I sew items made from recycled firefighter turnout gear and I could no longer cut the Nomex fabric with the scissors I had. I quickly dulled all of the very good quality scissors that I owned and I was hurting my hand each time that I would cut the fabric. The EC Cutter solved the problem and the battery life is surprisingly long.






These cutters are easy to use and comfortable in your hands. The carbide edge on the blades mean they will last longer than most electric scissors. The added bonus is that they will work with the cord plugged in or cordless. I'm sure I will be able to cut many, many yards of fleece with these


Boyertown, PA


I thought the product would be more robust


The first time I tried putting the battery in, I could not. As the product is fragile, I was afraid to force and break it. After analyzing better the situation, I had to trim edges with light duty knife to fit the battery right. I think a manual heavy duty scissors is a better option.

Leo De Vincenzi

Rio de Janeiro, RJ


This product is working well so far.


Were using this product for production cuts of material for speaker grills so far its cut our production Times and fatigue for our employees. Besides cutting fabric we use it to cut thin stainless steel screen also, I'm sure ill have to buy extra blades eventually, what surprised me is that the battery keeps a good charge so far so good.




I am purchasing additional blades.


This cuts kevlar!!This is not your average set of electric shears. It out cuts them all. You can actually cut two plys of kevlar at once.Of course it also cuts other fabrics like fiberglass and carbon fiber, Dacron, plastic etc. I have purchased several sets of shears, and nothing I have tried cuts like these. My wife is a seamstress, she has several pairs of different name brand electric shears, none of them cut with the ease and precision that these do. I read the negative reviews, and they are partially correct, it is a little noisy (not too), it has poor workmanship. It does not fit together very well, the blade is difficult to change. And it is very expensive. But they do what they are supposed to do. THEY CUT! Even kevlar. Nothing else cuts kevlar. They do.

Long-ez builder

Sandy Utah


I had no idea how much I would need them


I restored a 1982 13.4 coho runabout fiberglass boat, this was the 1st time I had ever work with fiberglass before. I was using scissors, that was tuff. I was talking to a friend that use to build boats, he mention that they used electric scissors! so I started looking for elect scissors and found these, WOW these scissors plowed through everything that I asked them to do. I could never done this without them, This is one of the best tools that I have ever bought and i'm 61

Eddie James

Tacoma, Wa


Couldn't have worked my job without this cutter.


I broke my wrist and was unable to use even spring scissors to do my cutting. These were so lightweight and well balanced that it took no pressure at all only guidance to cut through layers of fabric. My husband has had to help a lot with cutting and has become totally addicted to these for ease of use. I will be purchasing another when these break, so far I have had them 4 years and they are still going strong. My con was that I had to wait 6 hours for my husband to get home to take the battery and put it on the charger then into the back of the cutter, I had 0% strength to do this at first, now I have no problem.

Buffalo NY


I was looking for a product like this.


Cutting fabric, both light and heavy for projects. Works excellent for cutting thin leather for projects.

Tim,the tinkerer.



great pair of electric cordless scissors


I have a Longarm Quilting Business and these cordless electric scissors are a great time-saver when cutting fabrics and battings.

S Jonzie

Westland, MI


I would buy this item again.


Use the scissors to cut fabric. Examples: Kevlar, carbon, glass etc.

Big D

Qukertown PA


EC Cutter Electric Cordless Scissors



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