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Epifanes Epifanes
  • epifanes full brush, varnish brushes, boat paint brush

Epifanes Full Brush

The Epifanes Full Brush has an elliptical shape, similar to most American flat brushes but with much greater holding capacity.

An excellent all purpose brush, its bristles are short enough to provide good control with varnishes yet still have a soft touch at the bristle ends. Use the full brush to apply varnish or high quality topside paints.

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BRAND: Epifanes
Type: Brushes
4.3 12

Decent Brush But I keep loosing bristles


I like the brush except it keeps losing bristles. I've used the brush on 7 coats of varnish and store it in kerosene in between uses. I will try another brand of brush next time.

Bald Brush Johnny

Smith Mountain Lake


Expensive but worth it


So European brushes are a little different, they are round or oval and have no plugs in the ferrule. Brushmakers say the plugs create a "well" holding more paint or varnish but I cannot say for sure. What I can say is that these brushes hold a lot of paint or varnish and allow you to lay it out thicker/heavier than a thinner brush. If you are applying enamel or varnish you want to be able to float a lot of finish on the surface especially if its a high gloss finish you are after. These brushes help you do that.


Austin, TX


The Only Varnish Brush I'll Ever Use From Now On


I've used this brush to lay down 6 coats of high gloss varnish on 45 sq.ft. of sapele. This brush holds a lot of product and lays it down smooth and evenly.Feels great in your hand even at the end of a 3 hr. coating session.Haven't lost a bristle yet and helps attain a flawless finish.I'll never use another varnish brush again.


Webster, NY.


Great brush if you're willing to care for it like a child


So far so good. Bought it to varnish a transom. Holds a lot of varnish, applies evenly. Time will tell if worth the $50+

John the wooden boat masochist

Western New York


Great varnish brush


I have been using disposable foam brushes for years on teak trim for various boats. Finally went for the good brush and was impressed with what a great finish this brush leaves. Takes a few minutes more time and mineral spirits to clean but well worth the effort for a superior finish.




Perfect Brush


Provided perfect application of high gloss varnish to cedar fireplace mantle! Pricey but worth every penny spent! Highly recommend this brush for beautiful glossy, non-streak finish!!!


Broaddus, TX


Outstanding Varnish brush


Used this brush for multiple coats of clear varnish on stained mahogany and found it to be superior to other brushes I have used. Holds a ton of varish allowing the edge to stay wet longer...even though mine was not as wide as Badger hair brushes I have, the capacity of the brush allowed for faster work.It did throw a few hairs the first use or two, but not many.I store this in diesel fuel bath...keeps brush soft and ready to go.Not ideal for tight spaces.


Lakeville, MN


Works well with shellac


Brush feels and fits well; also cleans up nice.


Lackawanna NY


Sheds Bristles


Using for varnish on antique mahogany runabout. Now on the fourth coat and bristles are continuing to shed. I am very disappointed in this expensive brush.

1931 Model 199

Denver, CO


Perfectionist's here's your brush


I have tried them all, this is nicest brush I have ever used or owned. I have had mine 6 years it just gets better with use and proper care. Worth the $ if you are looking for the best to do high quality work and are tired of throwing away brushes. I use the 1 1/2' size all topside painting yearly on my swampscott dory




Epifanes Full Brush



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