Hot Dog paint rollers, Pipe Paint Rollers, roller covers
  • Hot Dog paint rollers, Pipe Paint Rollers, roller covers

Hot Dog / Pipe Paint Rollers

Pipe Roller Replacement Cover - 7" 'Hot Dog' cover, 3/8 diameter core, 24" long frame. These are narrow diameter roller frames and covers for shorter rollers used in hard-to-reach areas. Choose from complete roller frame and roller cover kit or replacement roller cover only.
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BRAND: Arroworthy
Type: Paint Rollers
3.0 2

Would not roll and poor paint absorption!


Attempted to apply TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint with this system. Don't know if it was the roller handle, the roller cover or both--REFUSED TO ROLL! Forced to stop and drive to store to buy replacements five minutes into use. Also had to remove paint where I tried to apply--massive paint lumps, lines and roughness. Actually used a 3/8" all-purpose, basic 3-inch house paint roller which worked perfectly in every aspect--it was everything the "hot dog" was not! Do not recommend for anything but instant frustration! Plan on returning along with the extra roller covers I purchased,


Canandaigua, NY


Wonderful innovative product


Used this product to paint a boat that was on its trailer.Worked wonderfully able to get into small places due to the reduced diameter.20 foot boat bottom painted in about 1 hour no need for pole brushes Should sell a million


surf city New Jersey


Hot Dog / Pipe Paint Rollers



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