Interlux 202 Fiberglass Solvent Wash
Interlux Interlux
  • Interlux 202 Fiberglass Solvent Wash

Interlux 202 Fiberglass Solvent Wash

202 Fiberglass Solvent Wash is a combination of several solvents, some of which are very slow to evaporate from the surface of gel coat being wiped. This characteristic is very important because the wax contaminants must stay in solution so that it can be wiped from the surface before it dries. 202 Solvent wash is also an excellent parts clean up and multi-purpose wipe down solvent.

Use before painting bare fiberglass gel coats. This solvent removes mold release agents, wax, oil, and grease. Leaves a properly cleaned surface for optimal paint adhesion. 202 Solvent is also used for cleaning painting tools.

Available in Quart and Gallon sizes.

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Method Wipe a small area with a clean rag that has been wetted with Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202. While the surface is still wet, wipe with a clean, dry rag. Continue this process until the entire surface has been cleaned. Rinse with fresh water. If water beads up or separates, wipe the surface again with Fiberglass Solvent Wash. When the water sheets off, all contamination has been removed. Do not paint until surface is clean and dry.

Compatibility/Substrates For use on Fiberglass and Painted Hull Surfaces that are being prepared for repainting with Interspray Finish Coats.


  • Colour Y202-Clear
  • Specific Gravity 0.868
  • Volume Solids 0%
  • Typical Shelf Life 3 yrs
  • VOC (As Supplied) 868 g/lt
  • Unit Size 1 US Quart 1 US Gallon



TRANSPORTATION: Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 should be kept in securely closed containers during transport and storage.

STORAGE: Exposure to air and extremes of temperature should be avoided. For the full shelf life of Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 to be realised ensure that between use the container is firmly closed and the temperature is between 5 deg C/40 deg F and 35 deg C/95 deg F. Keep out of direct sunlight. Safety DISPOSAL: Container Disposal: Triple Rinse (or equivalent). Then offer for recycling or reconditioning, or puncture and dispose of in a sanitary landfill or by other procedures approved by state or local authorities.

BRAND: Interlux
Type: Thinners and Solvents
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