Z spar Pettit T10 medium paint thinner for spraying and brushing in warm weather
Pettit Z-Spar Pettit Z-Spar
  • Z spar Pettit T10 medium paint thinner for spraying and brushing in warm weather

Pettit 120 Medium Brushing Thinner T-10

Z Spar / Pettit 120 Medium Brushing Thinner T-10 is designed for spraying in hot weather and brushing in most conditions. This is a general purpose thinner used in most paint products for ease of application when brushing.

If you work in an area with VOC restrictions, use Pettit 120-VOC Thinner (sold separately).

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    Pettit 120/T-10 Brushing Thinner is a general purpose thinner for thinning brushing enamels for easier application. Many paints when stored for some time before use will increase in viscosity and should be thinned with a good thinner for normal brush application. The 120 Brushing Thinner evaporates at a moderate rate and is completely out of the paint film in several hours. Surfaces can also be washed with this thinner prior to preparation or painting to remove any contamination or sanding residue.

    Add up to 10% of the thinner to any of Pettit's Enamels, Easypoxy, standard undercoaters and primers, and varnishes. Mix in thoroughly.

  • NOTE
    Pettit manufactures a wide array of thinners to compliment our various coating products. The Thinners are matched to the product, method of application and atmospheric conditions present at the time of application. When application temperatures are high (80Deg F and above) slow thinners are recommended to improve brushability and flow of the product. Generally, faster evaporating thinners are utilized for spray work to maximize atomization while mini mizing the chances for runs and sags. Faster evaporting thinners are also useful for brush and roller work at lower temperatures (60Deg F and below) since there is less chance of these thinners becoming trapped under the drying paint film causing blistering at a later date.

    Never overthin a varnish, enamel, undercoat, primer or other paint product. Doing so could lead to reduced gloss upon drying or a reduction in the performance of a product. Always follow the thinning instructions given on the label or technical data sheet for the specific product being applied.
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

    BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
    Number Of Parts: One Part
    Type: Thinners and Solvents
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    Pettit 120 Medium Brushing Thinner T-10


    Seems to work as it should for thinning paint but it is expensive. It works as advertised but so did other products like mineral spirits which is less expensive. I could not really tell the difference when using either one but the end result came out good.




    Pettit 120 Medium Brushing Thinner T-10



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