Recochem Paint Thinner, paint thinner, sterling paint thinner
  • Recochem Paint Thinner, paint thinner, sterling paint thinner

Recochem Paint Thinner

Recochem paint thinner (aka Odorless Mineral Spirits) is highly refined pure odorless mineral spirits. Paint thinner is used to thin oil-based paints, plus clean brushes and tools. It is an excellent cleaner and degreaser for all wood and metal surfaces. Cleans metal parts!
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BRAND: Recochem
Type: Thinners and Solvents
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Only if you want orange peel


Do not use this product for paint or varnish prep. You will end up the with orange peel effect. This would be appropriate for tool cleaning (if you clean your brushes in this, rinse last with another product).


Mystic CT


Great Purchase


This product has fewer odors than all of the other odorless mineral spirits (oms) that I have used in the past 9 years. Jamestown Distributors charges about 1/3 less per gallon than most big box stores. [...] Be careful about which product number you order. JD has 2 grades of oms, with one costing a little less. I checked the MSDSs and the more expensive product had less aromatic, which is the stuff that causes the odor and is worse for your health. The more expensive stuff that I purchased has part # of 83-314 for the gallon jug. The other item has part # of 83-324 for a gallon jug. Again, I did not smell this one but from the MSDS I know that it has more odors. Since it is still oms, it might smell like the products from the big box and hardware stores. Most carry either Kleen-Strip or WM Barr. If you need the totally oms like I had at work, Gamsol makes it for artists. I did not buy it because a quart costs about twice as much as a gallon of this stuff. A quart is the largest size available and yes, that works out to 8 times more expensive.

Dan the Man

Utica, MI


Recochem Paint Thinner



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