Rule-Mate Automatic Bilge Pumps 1100 GPH
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  • Rule-Mate Automatic Bilge Pumps 1100 GPH
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Rule-Mate Automatic Bilge Pumps

Rule-Mate automatic pumps are available in 500, 800, and 1100 GPH (gallons per hour) capacities. These quiet and compact bilge pumps activate when the water level is 2-1/8".

The pump and solid state water sensing switch are in a single, compact housing. The sophisticated switch senses the dielectric properties of water but will not pump oil. Unlike standard computerized automatic pumps, there's no on/off cycling so no power is used until the pump comes on. A detachable strainer makes clearing debris quick and easy with easy access to the impeller area.

These 500, 800, and 1100 GPH pumps are available in 12V or 24V models.

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RuleMate Automatic Submersible Bilge Pumps Features

  • Compact design with footprint 2/3 the size of previous models.
  • Greater flow at same amperage compared to previous models.
  • Built-in water sensor controls pump automatically.
  • Built-in thermal cut-off for added peace of mind.
  • Easier to install and easier to maintain than previous models.


BRAND: Rule Industries
Type: Bilge Pumps and Accessories
2.0 9



Two of them in my brand new Hewescraft intermittently turning on. Had to disconnect both of them. Still under warranty but don't want to replace these with more junk. Don't buy!


Wasilla AK


Automatic ...Not


This product is suppose to be automatic. Initially ran until the battery ran down. Finally auto stopped working period. Boat folks around here have retrofitted pumps with foat switch. Don't but it.


Savannah, Ga


Do not buy this pump


As many people before me, I didn't read the reviews first...Bought the pump, installed it doesn't shut off once it is running.Do not buy it. Period.


Long Island, NY


New rule auto pumps piece of junk


Do not buy this product




500 automatic


it doesn't shut off automatically; runs batteries dead. Have to disconnect power to get it to stop pumping after water is empty from boat.

doug out

naples fl


Pump will not shut off after pumping wat


I liked this unit initially. IT was easy to install and seemed like it would solve the problems with mechanical float switches. However, after one year, the pump would not shut off after pumping and would then drain battery. Found out this was a very commong problem with the solid state float switch. Apparently mfg knows of problem but will not honor warranty.


Davie, Fl


Rule 1100 Bilge Pump


The pump installed easily but after the pump came on the 1st time to pump it then would not shut off. It did this twice and never has not done it. Had to disconnect the power terminal to kill it.Pump coming back for a replacement

High Tide Jack

Ninilchik, Alaska


Rule pumps are reliable


Excellent device


Abaco. Bahamas


The only pump I'll ever use


I put two of these on my boat and eliminated the older pumps I had with the flimsy old-school float switches. A simple two wire hookup is all it takes. Anyone can install these.They only come on when the water reaches a certain height, not every 2.5 minutes like other pumps that can drain the battery. I also have them connected to a switch at the dash in case I want to use them manually.


Riverside, RI


Rule-Mate Automatic Bilge Pumps



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