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Awlgrip AwlWash

AwlWash is a concentrated, gentle detergent cleaner and step 1 of Awlgrip's topcoat maintenance program. Keep Awlgrip and AwlCraft finishes looking mirror-sharp by regularly cleaning with AwlWash and water. Doing so prevents dirt and grease buildup that causes a dull appearance.

Many common marine soaps contain abrasives, acids and alkalies that can damage painted surfaces. AwlWash was specifically formulated for frequent use on Awlgrip, Awlgrip HS, and AwlCraft 2000 finishes. This 100% biodegradable cleaner rinses clean and dries quickly. Follow up with step 2, AwlCare polymer sealer.

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Application Equipment - Use a soft, non abrasive applicator.

Surface Preparation - Rinse surface thoroughly prior to washing.

Mixing and Reduction - 1 ounce (30 ml) of Awlwash per each gallon (3.785 liters) of waters.

Application Instructions - Wash surface while still wet from initial rinsing, using a soft, non-abrasive applicator when washing the surface. Do not allow Awlwash to dry on the surface prior to rinsing. Wash small sections of large surfaces to insure the surface stays wet. Rinse after washing. Wipe with chamois or soft cotton towel to prevent water spots.

Note: If water spots are a problem, Awlgrip recommends using a water softener to reduce water spots. If water beads are allowed to air dry, water evaporation leaves residue on the paint. Remove the reside or risk eventual paint etching. Water spots can be removed with Awlgrip Awlcare protective polymer sealer. Stubborn stains may require a higher concentration of Awlwash. High concentrations require additional rinsing.

Note: Awlgrip recommends washing the surface once per week to prevent dirt buildup.

Optimal surface/ambient temperature range is 18 C/60 F to 35 C/95 F. Proper application and or cure results may be more difficult to achieve when temperatures are outside of this range. Do not apply to surfaces less than 3 C or 5 F above dew point, to surfaces warmer than 41 C/105 F, or when ambient temp is lower than 10 C/50 F or over 41 C/105 F.


  • Type: Wash Down Concentrate
  • Packaging: Quarts (.946 Liters) and Gallons (3.785 Liters), Quart (.946 Liters) is a refillable "tip 'n measure" container.
  • Theoretical Coverage: 1 oz. (28.35 grams) of AWLWASH per Gallon of Water
  • Keep container tightly closed and upright to prevent leakage. Keep from freezing.


BRAND: Awlgrip
Type: Fiberglass Cleaners
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Awlgrip Awlwash


Made a huge difference. Applied Awlgrip sealer after the wash with great results. I have used the sealer before and found it lasts the entire boating season.

Ernie P

Rock Hall Maryland


I would buy this product again


As advertised

Happy Boater



Great Boat Wash - Will Always Turn to James Distributors


Used the Awl Wash before and after my Gel Coat restoration project.

1995 Mariah Z202

Hamilton, MA


Prefect for Paint Jobs


I have a 42' Fountain Poker Run Edition called Joker with a custom paint job that I'm a fanatic about. This isn't the type of boat that you want to use harsh cleaners on. The Awlwash is safe for any painted surface but actually works unlike other cleaners that are "safe." The Poker Runs have us going to different ports all over the place, and some marinas are strict about what cleaners you can and can't use. The Awlwash works everywhere since it's biodegradable. Plus, it's concentrated so you don't have to carry a large jug around.

Henry W.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Awlgrip AwlWash



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