durepox bottom paint, 2 part urethane primer paint
Durepox Resene
  • durepox bottom paint, 2 part urethane primer paint
  • durepox bottom paint, 2 part urethane primer paint clear finish
  • Durepox application on boat

Durepox Base

Durepox Primer (also known as Durepox 2K Primer) is a durable, non antifouling, 2 part Epoxy Urethane Primer or Finish Coat with excellent adhesion & chemical resistance properties for use where premium protection is required. It's used by many of the world's most recognized names in the yachting, aircraft & boatbuilding communities.

A unique, highly pigmented, free sanding 2 part epoxy urethane formulated for the Automotive Refinish, Marine, Industrial & Aircraft industries. One of the great features of Durepox is its remarkable flexibility & adhesion to bare metal. As a top-of-the-range primer, Durepox not only provides a workable stable base onto which 2 part systems may be confidently applied but is also excellent for preparing a solid foundation for top quality Alkyd, Nitro-cellulose and Acrylic Lacquer finishes.

Available in White, Gray, Black & Clear.

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  • Requires a 4:1 mix ratio of base to reactor (hardener)
  • Needs to be reduced according to application-specific conditions


Professional Application is Recommended
Item Number  Color  Quantity 
RES-DWW04  White  4 Liters (Gallon) 
RES-DUG04  Gray  4 Liters (Gallon) 
RES-DUB04  Black  4 Liters (Gallon) 
RES-DHPC04  Clear  4 Liters (Gallon) 
BRAND: Durepox
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Racing Bottom Paint
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