Epoxy-Plus Roller Cover
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Epoxy-Plus Roller Cover

A high density polyurethane foam roller, ideal for epoxy, paint and varnish applications. Can be cut into shorter widths to match the application area and cut into brushes for tipping off fresh coats of epoxy. Covers are 7-inches wide. Packages of two. Made by Arroworthy, professional grade brushing and roller products.
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BRAND: Arroworthy
Type: Paint Rollers
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Roller cover delaminated while using total boat epoxy primer


Hull MA


Never again


Friend was using one of my roller covers and it started to shed pieces of foam. A couple days later I was using one and it unrolled the foam from the base. When I peeled the foam off I found out that most of the surface was covered by very little or no glue - bad place to save money.


Beaumont Texas


poor quality


very poor quality. the foam is wrapped on like the cardboard roll of paper towels. bought 2 packs. out of the 4, only 1 had the edges of the foam close to each other, the others all had gaps of up to a 1/4".




Great for applying epoxy fill coat


These roller covers work great for epoxy. The thin polyurethane material doesn't introduce bubbles into the epoxy. I was able to use a single roller cover to epoxy-coat a 14.5 foot kayak hull.


Portland, Oregon


Not durable


I used these covers to apply epoxy primer to my boat's bottom. It's a fiberglass 27'. I could only get 1 coat on 1 side before the foam began to separate from the core. These covers did give nice, uniform coverage before the foam came loose. I purchased another package of covers from a different manufacturer and they worked much better.


Des Moines, IA


used with topside paint on sunfish


Easy to cut these covers on band sawto fit other size rollers


Hendersonville N.C.


This can't be good.


Used to apply two-part epoxy primer and two-part polyurethane paint on aluminum mast, boom, spin pole.Foam covering separates from fiber core. To cover half the circumferance of my 66 foot mast would require 5 covers.Initially I cut the roller covers in half (3.5 inches) when rolling my boom. I thought this may have caused the problem. However, I got the same failure using a full size (uncut) roller cover on my mast.I switched to another brand of foam roller cover and was able to complete one full coat on my mast using only one roller cover.It's possible the curvature of the mast caused the foam covering to creep on the core and that this failure would not occur on large flat surfaces.

On the hard again

Paducah, KY.


Epoxy-Plus Roller Cover



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