Hyde Pry-Zum Prying Tool
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  • Hyde Pry-Zum Prying Tool

Hyde Pry-Zum Prying Tool

Hyde Pry-zum Prying Tool
Made of high carbon steel. Used to pry off moldings, open boxes, scrape surfaces and pull out nails. 9-1/2 long. Electrocoated High Carbon Steel hardened and tempered. Ground scraping end. Nail pulling slot. Tool measures 9 1/2 inches overall. Hyde 45600 Pry Bar/Scraper, from Hyde, the makers of great paint scrapers, wall paper tools and home improvement systems.
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BRAND: Hyde Painting Tools
Type: Pry Bar
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Worth Every Penny


This is by far the best pry-bar I have ever used. My co-worker has one and I am always asking to use his. I am excited to finally get my own for the simple fact that it won't bend out of shape when in a bind.

Brian the Titan

Evansville, IN


Hyde Pry-Zum Prying Tool



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