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Jabsco Water Puppy Bilge Pump

This bronze DC motor pump is rated 12 Volt, 6.3 GPM. The Water Puppy features Jabsco's famous flexible impeller design makes them self priming so they can be mounted above and away from punishing bilge environments. They feature non-corrosive bronze pump heads with removable end cover for easy impeller service.

Height 3-3/8 (88mm), Length 6-3/8 (162mm), width 4-3/4 (120mm), weight 4-1/2 lbs, 6.8 amp draw. Bronze body, neoprene compound impeller, lip type seal. Ports, 1/2 internal pipe threads, 1 external hose barb, includes 2 port adapters for garden hose.

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Type: Bilge Pumps and Accessories
3.5 2

Using for a shower pump buy Nitrile


I use this unit for the shower drain on my 32'. I am on my third pump... The soaps and conditioners and possibly the winter antifreeze will swell the neoprene impeller causing the unit to lock up. I have removed cover and using needle nose pliers have broken it free... that works for a short time even if you leave the cover only finger tight. Eventually the motor burns up. I am going to try a nitrile impeller.

Marinette Ray

Warrenton, Virginia


The pump was easy to install and worked as I had hoped.


Supply lake or river water to the fish tank on my boat


Chico, CA


Jabsco Water Puppy Bilge Pump



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