Norton - 3-In-1 Oil Stone Tool Sharpening Kit - large
Norton Norton
  • Norton - 3-In-1 Oil Stone Tool Sharpening Kit - large

Norton - 3-In-1 Oil Stone Tool Sharpening Kit - large

The IM313 Multi-Oilstone Professional Sharpening systems contain three oil stones. The 11-1/2" stone length permits long, sweeping strokes for faster and more precise sharpening and honing of all large, wider straight-edged tools. The heavy base has a non-skid bottom. The IM313 is designed like the other Norton sharpening systems; the stones can be replaced to customize the unit to individual requirements. These systems are ideal for industrial toolrooms, restaurants, knife manufacturers as well as home DIYers and sportsmen. Each IM313 system includes a pint of Norton oil, plastic angle guide, and reservoir unit.

Simply rotate the handle to the desired stone. The base unit acts as an oil reservoir and permits continuous submersion of the two unused stones keeping them cleaned and saturated.

Stones measure: 11-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 1/2"

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IM313: Ideal for general sharpening - coarse Crystolon quickly restores worn edges; medium Crystolon produces the average edge needed for most tools; and fine India stone hones for a sharper edge
Kit Includes: (1) Coarse Crystolon, (1) Medium Crystolon, (1) Fine India, (1) Pint Oil, Angle Guide, Reservoir Unit

IM313-CIH: Ideal for sharpening and finishing - coarse Crystolon for heavy stock removal; medium India for initial sharpening or resharpening and ultra fine Hard Translucent Arkansas for final finishing.
Kit Includes: (1) Coarse Crystolon, (1) Medium India, (1) Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas, (1) Pint Oil, Angle Guide, Reservoir Unit

Norton manufactures three types of sharpening systems to provide complete sharpening solutions: dual-stone sharpening kits, singlestone sharpening stations, and tri-stone rotating base systems. All offer a range of replacement stones, including some specifications beyond those supplied with the original purchase. This permits the user not only to replace worn or damaged stones, but to also substitute different specifications to tailor the unit to best suit his own requirement.

BRAND: Norton
Type: Tool Sharpening
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if you want sharp knives this works!


this system is so easy and fast anyone can put edge on any knife! the first time I used it my knives were so sharp it scared me and my wife!I will always own one!

Chef butfish

Bristol Va.


Norton - 3-In-1 Oil Stone Tool Sharpening Kit - large



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