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3M High Strength Repair Filler

3M Marine High Strength Repair Filler is for bonding and filling repairs above or below the waterline. 3M filler allows you to achieve professional repair results. These pre-mixed products utilize a benzyl peroxide creme hardener and do not require multiple mixing steps, extenders, fillers or pumps.

Simply add the hardener and these products will be ready to sand within 30 minutes of application. Strength is achieved by a unique vinyl ester formulation designed with short strand fiberglass for semi-structural repairs, above and below the waterline.

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  • Excellent bond strength
  • Easy Spreading
  • Fast Curing
  • Blue Creme hardener


Material: Vinyl Ester
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Rate Of Cure: Fast
Type: Fillers
4.8 4

Strong stuff


Good stuff, need air sander


new brunswick


High Strength = Hard as Nails


Used to fill in holes on painted deck. Very easy to apply, and stays workable for a long time. Once hardened it is extremely durable, even a belt sander had trouble with it. After application, weather rained for 3 days, but it stayed well bonded until we could paint it. Highly recommended high strength filler.


San Diego, CA


It comes with the blue creme hardener


I bought this product to do some hole patching and repair on my Boston Whaler. For this purpose, it met expectations quite nicely. The product does come with a tube of the hardener under the lid (I wasn't sure about this when ordering online, so I bought an unnecessary extra tube). I found the product easy to work with and bonded very nicely to the hull. The resulting color is a pale greenish-blue, if that matters to you.


Cookeville, TN


great product


After several personal test , product prove to be extremely strong in its ability to bond parts to each other .

shrimp chaser



3M High Strength Repair Filler



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