3m 09030 Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax
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  • 3m 09030 Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax

3M Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax

3M marine paste wax leaves a protective high gloss coating on fiberglass, gelcoat, marine topside paints, painted aluminum, and metal. Contains the unique 3M polymer technology which provides the durability of an acrylic with the soil release and water beading properties of a fluoropolymer and silicone. The easy on/off formula will save time and effort and leave your boat with long lasting protection that retards UV light damage.
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Size: 9.5 oz tub
Type: Paste Wax
4.7 3

Easy to apply


This wax is easy to apply. It seems expensive compared to others. However, 3M claims good for two years and if so, then it is well worth the price.


Pensacola, FL


the best on the market


I am a professional boat polisher and this is the only wax I use. I figure that if I work my tail off to put a pro shine on the boat, the wax should give the best shine, plus last. The second coat of wax applyed 3 months after the first one makes all the difference. You must have the boat clean( spotless) as all waxes only protect what they cover. Use a soap that will not remove wax, with no addatives ( 3M boat soap). Most waxings last 2 years or more.


Peterboro Ontario Canada


This is the absolute Best Wax Ever


This was the best wax I have ever used. I used the product on my 2008 RV and it made the Gel coat look as it had just been sprayed unreal shine. What was not so great is the product did not remove Black Streaks.Maybe you should put on the product labeling to wash and Use a remove before applying wax..... Its still a 5 star wax




3M Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax



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