AwlGrip Awlspar reducer, thinner, and clean up
Awlgrip Awlgrip
  • AwlGrip Awlspar reducer, thinner, and clean up

Awlgrip Awlspar Reducer

Awlgrip reducer for Awlspar Varnish, T0016 is specially formulated for use with Awlspar Varnish M3131. Use to thin, reduce, or clean up after use. It should not be used in any urethane or epoxy coating.
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Apply one coat of Awlspar M3131 mixed 1:1 by volume with T0016. Allow to dry 8-12 hours. Sand the surface with 320-400 grit paper. Remove sanding dust. Tack off with Awlgrip #73009 Tack Rags. Apply coats of Awlspar M3131 two to four hours apart. Above 75 F, two to three coats may be applied per day.

Repeat this process until the grain is filled and covered, six to eight coats may be needed. Keep sanding to a minimum. The only reason to sand is to remove obvious defects, or if more than 24 to 36 hours elapse between applications. A light rub with a Scotchbrite pad is often enough to break the glaze of the previous coat, providing sufficient adhesion for subsequent coats.


  • Type: T0016 Awlspar Thinner is a reducer for Awlspar Varnish.
  • VOC: 782 g/lt or 6.5 lbs/gal


BRAND: Awlgrip
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Thinners and Solvents
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