awlgrip premium tack cloths, tack rags
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  • awlgrip premium tack cloths, tack rags

Awlgrip Premium Tack Rags

AwlGrip tack rags are used just before painting to remove the lightest dust or dirt from what would otherwise be considered a clean, ready to paint or varnish surface. Other paint manufacturers even endorse these tack cloths for wiping down their paints during applications.

4 rags per pack.

$8.63 / pk
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BRAND: Awlgrip
Type: Tack Rags
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Cheap tack rags are a waste of money


Awlgrip tack rags are expensive but worth it. Cheap tack rags often leave a sticky film that can cause problems with the finish coat of paint or varnish. The whole point of tacking is to remove dirt and debris- not leave another problem.


Cape Cod


Awlgrip Premium Tack Rags



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