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BoatLIFE Life-Calk

BoatLIFE Life-Calk is a long lasting, permanently flexible marine polysulfide sealant that can be sanded, painted and used above and below the waterline. Tack-free in 1 to 3 days, curing in 7-10 days (weather dependent). This sealant exhibits excellent resistance to teak oils, gasoline and diesel fuel.

Note: 1/12 gl sizes fit a standard caulking gun.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
JOINT EXPANSION It is recommended that dimensions be established for each joint in conformance with service conditions. Width of joint may be determined by calculating expansion and contraction of limits of the structure during temperature extremes and multiplying by a factor of 4. For example, if a joint will open and close 1/4" under temperature extremes, the joint should be designed 1/4" times 4, or 1" wide. No joint should be less than 1/4" wide.


PREPARATORY WORK The sealant bonding surfaces should be sound, clean and free of contamination such as release agents, water repellent treatment or other surface contaminants. Where adverse conditions are suspected, sanding is advisable.

METHOD OF APPLICATION Life-Calk can be applied directly from cartridges or bulk pails.

1. Clean joints and wash with Life-Calk Solvent and Cleaner.
2. Apply bond breaker.
3. Apply BoatLIFE Life-Calk Primer.
4. Apply Life-Calk with a hand or air operated caulking gun, putty knife or trowel, pushing cartridge away from you.
5. Tool seam.

NOTE: It is important that the sealant be tooled to assure complete wetting of the bonding surface in order to obtain maximum adhesion. Care should be taken not to disturb the seal until completely cured.

CURE: Since Life-Calk sealant is a moisture/temperature cure and requires the absorption of moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, an increase in the relative humidity or submersion in water will result in a shorter tack free time and faster cure.

CLEANING OF EQUIPMENT: Wash equipment and tools with BoatLIFE Life-Calk Solvent and Cleaner or Release before material cures. TESTING IS RECOMMENDED.

Life-Calk is also paintable and sandable after complete curing occurs. Since curing time varies with the environment test a small area of the caulking. If the paint does not dry in a reasonable amount of time, a latex primer can be used. Do a second test of a small area.

*Note: Curing time will vary based on temperature, relative humidity, and age of product.


To speed cure time, spray a little water onto one-part LIFE-CALK. To clean up tools, equipment and uncured LIFE-CALK use LIFE-CALK SOLVENT AND CLEANER or RELEASE. Push the caulking gun, do not pull it. In cold areas, warm tubes and cartridges before use. Fill in small cracks with LIQUID LIFE-CALK. Use LIFE-CALK PRIMER if there is any question about whether or not wood is oily (except with LIFE-CALK 2-part type P). Remove cured sealants with RELEASE by spraying edge of sealant. Work bonded area between surface and sealant with a scraping tool and RELEASE until sealant is weakened.


  • Base Compound: Polysulfide
  • Colors: White, Black, Mahogany, Teak Brown
  • Consistency: Gun Grade
  • Nonvolatile content: 96-98%
  • Tack Free Time: 24 hrs @ 75 F, 50% Relative Humidity
  • Cure Time: 1/8" thickness 10 days @ 75 F, 50% Relative Humidity
  • Cure Time: 1/4" thickness 20 days @ 75 F, 50% Relative Humidity
  • Hardness, Shore Durometer 26


Joint Depth  1/8" Joint Width  1/4" JW  3/8" JW  1/2" JW   3/4" JW 
1/4"   60 lineal ft/cartridge  29  18  15  10 
3/8"  37  18  15  10 
1/2"  29  15  10 
3/4"  18  10  3.5 
Below Water Line (yes/no): Yes
Material: Polysulfide
Rate Of Cure: Slow
Strength: Good
Type: Adhesive Sealant
3.5 19

Boat life


This product is a little too fluid for caulking bottom of boat upside down.



Not compatible with traditional alkyd-enamel based paint


Not compatible with traditional alkyd-enamel based paint such as Kirby Paint! Painting over the fully cured Life Caulk, including the Kirby Paint Primer, would not dry and the surface remained "wet". Given my observation, it appears that the paint and caulk are having an adverse reaction where the caulk is softened or slightly dissolved. Only option was to remove all traces of the caulk and start over. In my opinion the root cause is a chemical incompatibility and not a surface contamination issue as some have suggested. Other than this compatibility issue, the caulk seals and sands fine.


Alexandria, VA


Life-caulk is great


I have an older (1977) sailboat that came to me with multiple small leaks. The life caulk has been my salvation by giving me a strong caulk that is easy to use. I am on my second tube and would highly recommend it.


Washington, DC


Sealed my stanchions and stay fittings perfectly!


I was getting small leaks in my sailboat. I suspected the stanchion and stay fittings. I bought Boat Life caulk to address the issue. It was easy to use and worked like a gem.


Washington DC


This product works


This is the only product that will patch a small leak underwater on your hull. I don't know if it works from the inside with pressure behind the leak but definitely works with pressure against the leak underwater. Buy a tube and keep it onboard.

Master Captain Paul


great stuff


This is the best all round sealant for boats (and cars) Jamestown the only distributor that carries certain colors


south shore MA


Easily Removable Sealant


Fittings can be removed with ease, Jamestown did not include feed-tube with product!!!

Cap'n Ed

Toms River, NJ

Great product


I used this on my Com-Pac 25 which has cherry wood on the cockpit cowlings under the winches. Water was getting under the wood through failed white caulking, so I scraped that out an put in BoatLife Caulk mahogany color. It was really easy to apply, not messy, easy to clean up, and a beautiful match for the cherry that had been protected with penetrating eppoxy and 6 coats of varnich. Very pleased!!

STEVE at RestHarrow Boatworks



Reluctant user


Disappointed by lifespan of product. Will be looking at non-marine products for above waterline.Not sure if Lifecaulk's formula changed over the years. I have decided to use Lifeseal for rebedding my chain plates since the lifecaulk crumbled out from there as well as at the toe rail/hull connection. I used Lifeseal for solar vents and the seal was perfect. My dissatisfaction with Lifecaulk has also been echoed by other members of the boating community. However, it still may be diesel fuel proof.


Columbia, SC


Life caulk teak


Jamestown is the only vendor who carries Life Caulk in teak


New Jersey


BoatLIFE Life-Calk



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