Oval Sleeves
  • Oval Sleeves

Copper/Zinc Oval Sleeves

Oval sleeves are great for making eye splices in cables. Crimping of these sleeves requires the proper tools (a crimper). To crimp properly, you cut the wire at the appropriate length plus 4 to 7 additional inches. You slide the wire through one of the slots of the oval sleeve, around a stainless steel thimble, then back down the other slot of the sleeve. Tighten the wire/cable until it is 1. tight around the thimble, and 2. at the proper overall length. You then use the "crimper" to cinch down on the oval sleeve. Cut the excess wire out of dead end of the oval sleeve.

These oval sleeves are copper zinc plated, eventually giving that greenish tint of oxidized copper.

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BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Metal: Copper
Type: Swage Sleeves and Ferrules
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