Rudder Gudgeons - Bronze
  • Rudder Gudgeons - Bronze
  • Rudder Gudgeons - Bronze
  • Rudder Gudgeons - Bronze

Bronze Rudder Gudgeons

Bronze Rudder Gudgeons are designed to fit flush against the outer transom, or stern, of the boat, and are used to receive the pintles of the rudder. Bronze is an extremely corrosive resistant metal, and is perfect for a fresh or salt water boat. Additionally, bronze gives your wooden sail boat the traditional, classic bronze look that one would find with a Herreshoff, Nutshell pram or other dinghy or boat. These gudgeons are sold individually, and the matching pintles are also sold seperately.

In addition to boat rudder attachments, these fitting have also been used as unique sign hangers. Use # 10 flat head or oval head screws / bolts for the 1" gudgeon.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Metal: Bronze
Type: Gudgeon
1.0 2

Wrong type of bronze for rudder gudgeons


This does not describe the type of bronze used in casting. It used aluminum bronze instead of silicon bronze for wear and in salt and fresh water.

wooden boatbuilder

On the Fox River, Wisconsin


Poorly made. Not Machined well.


Machining was bad. Hole was bored off-center in both castings. One hole was off-center enough that it was questionable if the metal remaining would last very long. Pintles were equally as crude.



Bronze Rudder Gudgeons



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