Bronze Top Mount Oarlock Sockets
Perko Perko
  • Bronze Top Mount Oarlock Sockets

Perko Bronze Top Mount Oarlock Sockets

Perko Bronze Top Mount Oarlock Sockets feature a burnished finish. These sockets are designed to work with 1/2" straight shank bronze oarlocks. Use flathead or ovalhead #10 bronze screws, sold separately. Sockets are sold by the pair.
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BRAND: Perko
Metal: Bronze
Type: Oarlock Sockets
3.2 9

This item is better made than I expected.


I'm restoring an older boat and they are perfect for my project.

Andy M.

Norfolk, VA


Great Bronze Top Mount Oralockj Sockets


Read the varying reviews of the Perko top mount oarlocks provided by Jamestown Distributers and was concerned that they may not meet the quality of the Arch Davis Penobscot 14 sailing dinghy that I'm completing. I ordered them on the basis of the quality of material that I've received from Jamestown Distributers (screws, epoxy, etc.). Received them 36 hours after ordering and they were very well finished and definitely up to the standard of quality that I would include in a boat I have invested a substantial amount of time & effort building.

Boatbuilder in Bolton

Bolton, MA


Might be better quality now


I saw the ominous reviews and checked out Perko's web site. The pictures of the item there made the item look to be sand-cast and unburnished as the reviews suggest. I searched the web and found that Shaw & Tenny and Grpaeview also sell top-mount oarlocks. I contacted Grapeview and they said that they sell Perkos and that they are nicely formed & finished, so I ordered a pair. They do look nice. Perhaps Perko has improved quality and Jamestown has older stock?The part number for the item I received from Grapeview is Perko #0831DP0PLB

NJ Melonhead



Rough casting


Catalog text says "burnished" - this is misleading, casting is very rough and needs to be dressed with a file before use. Countersinks are very shallow and need to be deepened to accept #8 or #10 screws. On plus side, inside of socket is well-finished, and it doesn't take long to fix the problems. Overall reasonable value for the price.

Northern Spy

Carlisle, PA


Suitable for thier functional use


Yes, they are rough. After all this is a sand casting. It can be honed down & polished if you want the "princess look". You will pay the higher price for labor. My only concern was different size oarlock shafts, which vary from one to the next. I bought two pair and there is a disparity from one to the next. Manufacturer needs better quality control. I will hone out and polish to suit my needs. Overall a very acceptable oarlock for the price.


Palm Harbor, FL


Not all that bad


I ordered two pairs of these oarlock sockets and found them to be more satisfactory than other reviews had led me to believe. The castings are not "perfect", but appear to be rugged and very appropriate for all but the most elegant rowing skiffs.

Capt. Jim



Very unfinished


Yes, these oarlock sockets are bronze and they do fit a 1/2" shank oarlock. That's really all the praise that can be given. They are poorly cast and, aside from the shaft hole, they are not machined at all. Since they are bronze you can dress them up with a belt sander and end up with an acceptable piece. Better plan on doing some work.

Alex the boatbuilder

Knife River, Minnesota


Bad casting


This product is a very rough casting of very low quality.


Hampstead NC


Quality ?


Top plate was twisted on one pice.Outside socet demenson given is 1 in. It measures 3/4 in.


Bloomingdale Ohio


Perko Bronze Top Mount Oarlock Sockets



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