Taylor Made Big B Inflatable CRT Vinyl Fenders
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  • Taylor Made Big B Inflatable CRT Vinyl Fenders

Taylor Made Big B Inflatable Fenders

Taylor Big B fenders provide superior protection when docking or rafting your boat. Made of heavy duty CRT vinyl, these inflatable fenders feature a center rope tube that allows end-to-end line passage. 3/4 inch diameter center hole accepts heavy line. Big B fenders can be hung vertically or horizontally with a single line.

Hang Big B fenders horizontally for protection against pilings, awkward docking situations, and tidal change areas. Seamless ribbed design minimizes roll, and high gloss marine grade vinyl construction ensures durability. Taylor Made makes four sizes to fit a full range of boat sizes.

Standard rubber football style needle valve is easy to use. Inflate fenders to 2 psi.

White 8x20 inch now available as a 2 pack

$45.80 / ea
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BRAND: Taylor Made
Type: Inflatable Fenders
4.3 4

Taylormade Big B bumpers


My overall experience was 4 stars; I had to make a couple of phone calls to getthe order shipped.


Glasgow KY

Product Fine - Feel Overcharged By JD


The Taylor Made fender I received is excellent, but I misunderstood the information provided by JD. Thought the stated price was for two fenders, not just one. Hence, I ended up paying substantially above what I could have purchased this same item for at many alternative retailers (even above what they show as the manufacturer's list price). Wrote JD a letter to this affect, citing posted prices available at various other marine supply businesses, but I've received no response. Someone there definitely dropped the ball on this one. Disappointing experience that will prevent me from returning. (Curious if this will become posted by JD - suspect not, but....)


Poulsbo, WA


Good Product / Good Price


Quality materials and construction will help keep your boat protected.


Dale Hollow Lake, Kentucky


True high quality fenders


The Taylor fenders are much better built than the cheaply made units that are commonly available. I like the many color choices that are possible. My boat is worth the few bucks to protect the topsides.


Bass Lake, CA


Taylor Made Big B Inflatable Fenders



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