Suncor Heavy Duty 316 S/S Thimbles
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  • Suncor Heavy Duty 316 S/S Thimbles

Suncor Heavy Duty 316 S/S Thimbles

Stainless Steel Thimbles are the work-horse of marine splices and crimps. These rigging pieces are built out of heavy duty stainless steel so that they are compatible with almost all marine wiring and cable used in standing and running rigging, control lines, fishing, etc.

Thimbles are commonly used to reinforced splices in lines, ropes and wires, as well as in crimped wire. The thimble maintains the shape of the splice or crimp, reinforces the strength of the crimp itself, and acts as an impact/corrosion/wear inhibitor between the rope or wire and the shackle, pin, etc.

Some common areas around a boat where one can find stainless steel thimbles include: halyards, standing rigging, anchor rodes, outhauls, fishing hardware, etc. Also used in industrial and commercial settings.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Item Number  Size 
SUN-S0127-0005-C  3/16 ich 
SUN-S0127-0007-C  1/4 inch 
SUN-S0127-0008-C  5/16 inch 
SUN-S0127-0010-C  3/8 inch 
SUN-S0127-0012-C  7/16 inch 
SUN-S0127-0013-C  1/2 inch 
SUN-S0127-0014-C  9/16 inch 
BRAND: Suncor
Metal: Stainless Steel 316
Type: Shackles
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