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Quantum DIY Boat Paint Genius Bucket

The Quantum DIY Genius Bucket includes everything needed to paint your boat's hull. Imagine not having to buff, polish, and wax for 7-10 seasons. It's the industry's most advanced marine coating, with the highest gloss, gloss retention, and UV & stain resistance.

Kit includes Quantum 99 Topcoat, the proven DIY 2-part polyurethane paint system that outshines and outlasts paints applied by professionals with special equipment.

Get the same smooth, beautiful results with just a roller and no tipping, and the finish is even repairable. The time and money you spend every year sanding, buffing, polishing & waxing can now be spent on more leisurely pursuits, so make a bucket list and get to it.

Genius Buckets are available in Clear, Oyster White, Matterhorn White, Snow White, Cloud White, Sea Foam, Jade Mist Green, Flag Blue, Palmetto Pride, and Ice Blue colors.

Oyster White  
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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Safety is an important concern when prepping and painting a boat. Quantum Genius Bucket paint, activator, reducer, and surface cleaner require the use of proper personal protective gear, including a vapor respirator with organic vapor cartridges (not just an ordinary dust mask), eye protection, and gloves.

Color Note: When Rolling/Brushing dark colors such as Black Magic, Flag Blue, Carinthia Blue, Palmetto Pride, Aim High, Navy Blue, and Charleston Green we recommend applying a final topcoat of 99-BA1-Clear. The following day after final application of Topcoat Base color, sand with 220-320 grit sandpaper, clean and apply 1-2 coats of Clear.
We recommend applying a first coat of White prior to the color application for the following colors: Citrus Green, Federal Yellow, Lemon Yellow Sun, PCDC Orange, and Oohrah.

Genius Bucket Contents

  • 2 Quarts of Quantum Base Color
  • 1 Quart of Quantum Brushing Activator
  • 1 Quart of Quantum Brushing Reducer
  • 1 Quart of Quantum Surface Prep Cleaner
  • 1 4-Pack of 6" high-density foam roller covers
  • 1 6" roller frame
  • 2 small plastic paint trays
  • 2 high-quality 1" foam brushes
  • 4 large latex gloves (2 pairs)
  • 2 paint strainers
  • 2 wooden stir sticks
  • 2 scour pads
  • 2 plastic mixing cups (pint size)
  • 4 lint-free wiping rags
  • 4 cleaning rags
  • 1 pre-taped masking film (tape & drape)
  • 1 5-gallon bucket
  • 1 Genius Painter Instruction Sheet


  • Genius Bucket contains enough high-solids Quantum 99 Topcoat paint and supplies to paint a boat up to 26 ft. in length
  • Includes an instruction sheet with complete steps for achieving beautiful, long-lasting results
  • Primer not required, if painting over gelcoat in good condition
  • Use the Genius Bucket to prop up your paint tray while painting and to prop up your feet while you sit back and admire the spectacular finish
  • Quantum 99 Topcoat can be repaired with wet sanding, and has the highest gloss, longest gloss retention, and best UV, stain, and chemical resistance of any 2-part topside paint


Technical Specifications  Quantum99 Topcoat 
Appearance  Gloss, various colors 
Gloss  >92 @ 60° 
DOI (Distinctness of Image)  >84 @ 20° 
Volume Solids Admixed  52 +/- 2% 
Pot Life  4 hours @ 72°F 
Dry to Tape  7-9 hours @ 72°F, 50% relative humidity 
Coverage @ 1 Mil  800-825 ft2/gal 
Coverage @ 3 Mils  250-275 ft2/gal 
VOC Admixed  <420 g/L (3.5 lbs/gal) - All Colors 
Mix Ratio  2 parts base to 1 part activator 
Usage  Above the waterline only 
Adhesion Promoter  Use Quantum Adhesion Promoting Surface Treatment (sold separately) before application to ensure strong adhesion of this coating. 
BRAND: Quantum
Type: Topside Paint
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