TotalBoat 12 Pole Euro Terminal Blocks
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TotalBoat 12 Pole Euro-Style Terminal Blocks

Our 12 Pole European-Style Terminal Blocks have an easy to install, space-saving modular design that allows larger terminal blocks to be cut quickly into smaller circuit sizes.

Blocks feature wire protectors to prevent wire damage during connection, and recessed contacts and screws to avoid short circuits.

Available in three pitch spacing ranges, wire gauge sizes, and electrical ratings: 22-12 AWG, 20 amp; 18-10 AWG, 27 amp; and 20-8 AWG, 40 amp.

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A terminal block is an electrical connector in which a screw is used to clamp the wires down to a metal part. This type of connector makes it easy to connect more than one type of circuit to another circuit.
Part Number  Amps  Length  Gauge 
TB-47157  20   3.987 inches  22-12 AWG 
TB-47151  27   4.332 inches  18-10 AWG 
TB-47158  40   4.998 inches  20-8 AWG 
BRAND: TotalBoat
Type: Terminal Blocks
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