Interlux Micron Optima water based antifouling paint
Interlux Interlux paint
  • Interlux Micron Optima water based antifouling paint
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Interlux Micron Optima Bottom Paint

Micron Optima is a water-based antifouling paint that provides multi-season protection. Interlux's powerful Biolux additive blocks algae and slime in even the worst fouling conditions. Optima is compatible with most other bottom paints. Its low odor, low VOC water-based formula makes application and clean up easy. Water-activated formula means you can paint in the fall and launch the following spring. Use on fiberglass, wood and primed underwater metals (except aluminum) in all waters.

Optima is an ablative or self-polishing paint that wears away with use to constantly expose fresh biocide. This keeps the finish smooth and minimizes paint build-up, in the name of easier maintenance and improved fuel efficiency.

Sold in gallons in your choice of Black, Blue, and Red. True color will develop after immersion.

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  • Water-based Micron Technology ensures low odor and easy cleanup!
  • Powerful Activated Biolux for strong slime fighting and algae protection
  • Strong multi-season antifouling performance for severe fouling waters
  • Flexible application lets you paint in the fall and launch in the spring
  • Suitable for use all waters, including brackish, fresh, and salt
  • Longest lasting, multi-season performance lets you haul and relaunch without repainting
  • Controlled polishing wears away like a bar of soap, reduces paint build-up, and eliminates the need to sand off old paint
  • Polishes to a smoother finish than hard antifoulings, maximizing fuel efficiency
  • Releases copper biocide most efficiently for long lasting protection

Micron Optima Technical Specifications

  • Finish: Matte
  • Specific Gravity:1.92
  • Volume Solids: 61%
  • VOC: (as supplied) 240 g/lt
  • Substrates: Fiberglass, wood, steel/iron, lead. Do not use on aluminum/alloy or zinc sprayed metals.
  • Application Method: High-density foam roller (recommended) or brush. DO NOT SPRAY.
  • Application Temperature: 50°F and above.
  • Thinner: Water. Do not thin more than 10% by volume.
  • Coats Required: 2-3 by brush/roller. On bare wood: 3 coats, with the first coat thinned.
  • Compatibility: Can be applied directly over most solvent-based antifoulings in good condition. Do not apply over soft antifouling paints.
  • Coverage: (Theoretical) - 496.7 ft2/gal
  • Typical Shelf Life: 3 yrs

Important Information

  • Stir contents of each part prior to mixing. Slowly pour Activator into the Antifouling stirring continuously with a flat bladed knife or stirring stick.
  • When mixing, mix what can be used in 2 hrs. @ 50°F-75°F, and in 1.5 hrs. @ 75°F-95°F.
  • Let stand for 5 minutes to allow air bubbles to disperse.
  • Contains biocides; before use, read Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Safety Precautions section on the label.
  • Save some unmixed paint for the pad areas; pad areas should not be painted immediately prior to launch.
  • Do not use in wet/humid conditions. If it rains immediately after applying, expose the coating to dry conditions for at least 24 hours before immersion.
  • When sanding antifouling paint, use a vacuum sander attached to an industrial vacuum with HEPA filters; if hand sanding, wet sand only.
  • Wear proper personal protective equipment, including a respirator with organic vapor cartridges, paint suit, gloves, and eye protection.


Temperature  Pot Life  Touch Dry Min.  Dry to Overcoat Min.  Immersion Time Min. 
50°F  2 hrs  3 hrs  6 hrs  24 hrs 
60°F  2 hrs  3 hrs  5 hrs  24 hrs 
75°F  2 hrs  2 hrs  4 hrs  7 hrs 
95°F  1.5 hrs  1 hr  3 hrs  5 hrs 
BRAND: Interlux
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Anti-Fouling Coating
3.0 2

worked great for us.


We've had our boat down South in the winter (FL and Bahamas) and this worked great over the past 2 seasons. The boat is hauled for the summer. It does take a lot of stirring to mix it and make it smooth. It also doesn't have a real strong odor.


St. Mary's GA


I would not buy this product again


Paint in newly opened can was very thick and off color. After extensive mixing the color improved but contained lumps that would not come out. Nevertheless I added (white) activator which after mixing turned the color to near pink (as opposed to dark red ). Hoping that the color would darken after drying I painted a small section of the boat bottom. The color remained the same - PINK!


Marion MA


Interlux Micron Optima Bottom Paint



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