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  • TotalBoat Crystal Clear Epoxy Hardener Group Size A
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TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener

Use TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener with TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy Resin for an extraordinarily clear, natural wood finish ideal for wooden canoes and kayaks. Its UV inhibitors help prevent sunlight damage, and will enhance the protection of any varnish finish.

Crystal Clear Hardener comes in two sizes: 10 oz. (Group Size A) and 42.3 oz. (Group Size B). These sizes are packaged to reduce waste, save money, and correspond to the Group Size A and Group Size B TotalBoat Epoxy Resin container sizes. Each hardener order includes instructions and mixing sticks.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 Emergency, we are currently experiencing a shortage of epoxy pumps. Crystal Clear Hardener does not currently come with a dispensing pump.

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  • Compare to West System 207 Special Clear Hardener


Mix Ratio by VOLUME  3 parts TotalBoat Epoxy Resin to 1 part TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener 
Mix Ratio by WEIGHT  100A (Resin) to 27B (Hardener) 
Pot life at 75°F  20 minutes 
Work life at 75°F, thin film  3-4 hours 
Set time at 75°F, thin film  10 to 15 hours 
Cure Time at 75°F, thin film  3 to 5 days 
Minimum recommended temperature   60°F 

NOTE: TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener combined with TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy Resin has similar performance and finish characteristics as West System 207 Special Clear Hardener paired with West System 105 Epoxy Resin. However, for the clearest finish, we recommend the TotalBoat High Performance 2:1 Epoxy System.

Directions: TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener can be dispensed by pouring or using the included pump. This pump is calibrated to work with the TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy System.

IMPORTANT: When using the pumps, ONE PUMP of TotalBoat Epoxy Resin is calibrated to mix with ONE PUMP of TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener. Prime this pump by pumping until a steady flow of hardener comes out. DO NOT USE THIS PUMP WITH ANY OTHER HARDENERS.

Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of any surface contamination. Light sanding is recommended, followed by an oil-free solvent wipe, or a lint-free rag dampened with isopropyl alcohol or plain water to remove dust.

MEASURING: NOTE: THE MIX RATIO IS DIFFERENT THAN TRADITIONAL TOTALBOAT FAST AND SLOW HARDENERS. There are three ways to measure: (1) Use the calibrated pumps and the measuring is done automatically, (2) BY VOLUME: Measure THREE parts TotalBoat Epoxy RESIN to ONE part TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener, or (3) BY WEIGHT: Measure 100A:27B.

MIXING: Mix for 1-2 minutes, then add any desired fillers, if needed. The catalyzing of TotalBoat Epoxy is an exothermic (heat-producing) reaction. The peak exotherm will vary according to ambient temperature and choice of hardener.

Eye/Skin Protection: Wear protective eye wear, suitable gloves, and protective clothing.

NOTE: This container will not come filled to the top. It contains the calibrated amount of product to work in conjunction with the same size resin container.

Important Safety Information

Always wear protective clothing and equipment to protect your eyes, skin, and lungs when working with TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy Resin and Hardeners. Personal protective clothing should include appropriate gloves, safety glasses or goggles, a proper respirator, and a proper apron or similar protective clothing.

BRAND: TotalBoat
Type: Hardener
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I've used a lot of different clear epoxies and this one is easy superior. Mixes well, cures wonderfully. Quite hard. This will be my primary resin from now on.

Jeremy NewMusic Guitars

Columbia Mo


TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener



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