TotalBoat Outdrive AF Quart uses zinc to combat slime and barnacles
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  • TotalBoat Outdrive AF Quart uses zinc to combat slime and barnacles

TotalBoat Outdrive AF Antifouling Paint

TotalBoat Outdrive AF provides full-season antifouling protection for outdrives, trim tabs, struts, props, shafts, bow thrusters and more. Its high-performance copper-free formula is safe for underwater metals and won't cause galvanic corrosion. This makes it ideal for aluminum.

Use below the waterline on boat hulls and underwater metal parts in fresh, salt and brackish waters. Very easy to apply by brushing, rolling, or spraying.

Available in Black (eggshell finish), in Quarts.

Note: For an easy-to-apply, high-performance, single-season antifouling paint in spray form, try TotalBoat Outdrive AF Antifouling Aerosol Spray.

Matte Black  
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Active Ingredients

  • Tralopyril (copper-free, organic biocide) - 6.00%, Zinc pyrithione 4.80%


Substrates  Properly prepared aluminum, steel, iron, and previously painted surfaces 
Application Methods  Brush, 3/16-in. nap or foam solvent-safe roller cover), or spray 
Application Temperature  Between 50 and 90°F 
Recommended Coats  1-2 
Dry Time to Overcoat  1 hr. @ 90°F; 2 hrs. @ 70°F; 4 hrs. @ 50°F 
Dry Time to Launch  2 hrs. @ 90°F; 4 hrs. @ 70°F; 8 hrs. @ 50°F 
Cleanup  TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100 or TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep 
Thinning  Not recommended. If necessary, use TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100 
Coverage  1 25 sq. ft. per quart @ 1.5 mils DFT 
Aluminum Etch Wash (Optional)  TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Etch Wash 
Primer - Aluminum  TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Barrier Coat 
Primer - Steel/Iron  TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer 
Surface Prep Solvent Wipe - Steel/Iron  TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep 
Surface Prep Solvent Wipe - Previously Painted Surfaces  TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100 
BRAND: TotalBoat
Type: Bottom Paints
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Excellent Product


My boat is stored on a mooring in Southern Narragansett Bay in an area with very few boats and structure. Until I began using this product I had a serious Caesar Salad growing from my outdrives and trim tabs that would shorten my already short boating season. This product is amazing and I highly recommend it if you have an issue with marine growth on trim tabs our outdrives etc.


Jamestown, R.I.


TotalBoat Outdrive AF Antifouling Paint



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