FlexEpox Flexible Epoxy Adhesive 32 oz. Kit
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  • FlexEpox Flexible Epoxy Adhesive 32 oz. Kit
  • FlexEpox Flexible Epoxy Adhesive 8 oz. Kit
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TotalBoat FlexEpox Flexible Epoxy Adhesive

TotalBoat FlexEpox is a tough, 2-part flexible epoxy adhesive used to create permanent structural bonds that dynamically absorb stresses from contraction, expansion, shock, & vibration, and bend without breaking. Use on fiberglass, metal, plastic, and wood—even hard-to-glue, oily domestic and tropical hardwoods. Great for repairing aluminum boats, too.

Simple 1:1 mix ratio, 75-minute working time, & fast cure time make it easy to use and ideal for quick repairs. Also for creating small laminated parts subject to a lot of flexing.

FlexEpox works in a wide temperature range, from 40 to 125°F, and can be applied to damp surfaces. It can even cure underwater. Pair with TotalBoat fillers to suit your application.

Available in an 8 oz. kit and a 32 oz. kit. BONUS: Each kit includes 2 16 oz. mixing pots, 2 stir sticks, and a pair of latex gloves.

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Compare to two-part West System G/Flex 650. TotalBoat FlexEpox maintains its form and properties better at higher temperatures, and is a better value. It also has higher flex tolerances and lasts longer than flexible, one-part urethane adhesives and sealants.
Item Number  Kit Contents 
TB-7751 - 8 oz. Kit  One 4 oz. bottle of resin and one 4 oz. bottle of hardener 
TB-7752 - 32 oz. Kit  One 16 oz. bottle of resin and one 16 oz. bottle of hardener 


  • Bonds fiberglass, glass, metal, plastic, and wood, including hardwoods that typically are a challenge to bond because of their natural oils.
  • Unaffected by contraction, expansion, shock, & vibration.
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio, long open time, and fast cure time make FlexEpox easy to use.
  • Forms permanent bonds on dry or damp surfaces.
  • Can be used in temperatures as cool as 40°F.


  • Color: Amber
  • Mix Ratio: 1 part resin to 1 part hardener (by volume); 1.21 parts resin to 1 part hardener (by weight)
  • Gel Time: Adhesive will gel in approximately 40 minutes at 72°F
  • Working Time (thin film) (@ 72°F): 75 minutes
  • Initial Cure Time (@ 72°F): 3-4 hours
  • Workable Cure Time (@ 72°F): 7-10 hours (24-hour minimum for high loads)
  • Application Temperature: 40-125°F


BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Flexible Epoxy
4.8 14

Exc product


Used it to glue fancy border of parquet flooring to plywood. Honey-like consistency easy to work with. Decent pot life of approx 30 min and overnight cure


Baltimore, MD


Great product


Delivery was great and product worked ad Indecated without any problems!



Excellent adhesive. Needs better mix system.


I use flexible epoxies for ski construction and repair. In the past I've used 3M DP105, West G-Flex, and LocTite flexible marine epoxy. After working on 3 pair of skis with FlexEpox I prefer it to all the others. The only drawback is the very dark color, but this can be managed.I do not like the mixing system for the 8oz kit. The tubs are far too large to be useful. Ski repair uses very small quantities of epoxy and mixing enough for accuracy with this product causes quite a bit of waste.I would pay extra for this product if it came with a mixing nozzle type system like the 3M gun -- my usual trick of drawing from each bottle with a separate syringe, then mixing in a paper cup or on a disposable surface does not work well because the hardener is too thick to suck up with a syringe. Best thing I've come up with so far is to mix by *weight* using a paper cup and a jeweler's scale, but if you try this be aware the weight ratio is 1.2:1, not 1:1 like the volume would be.

Huck, destroyer of skis

New York


TotalBoat FlexEpox Ipe Strength Test


FlexEpox strength test on resinous Ipe wood. Joint edge, sand 120 grit, wipe lacquer thinner 4X. Apply FlexEpox using gravity alone (no clamping). Cure 2 days/ ~70degF. Destructive impact test using hammer/vise. Test Result : Note pics indicate no glue failure. Last break occurring thru glue line.


Santa Cruz,Ca.


Even works on rubber!


Excellent adhesion and enough flexibility to secure rubber non-skid strips to the bottom of my laptop where all other adhesives from epoxies to contact cement failed. Just what I was looking for.




Window adhesive


I use this product to reglue the glass window in the rear of a Volkswagen convertible top. It worked perfectly. Time will tell as to how long it's going to hold up but I have high hopes. So far so good.


Fort Wayne, IN




I am fixing up a used Laser for scout camp that was donated but the deck was separating from the hull, Flex epoxy seems to be the only product that holds them together. I have used it on Sunfish with the same issue to good effect.


Easton ma


Great stuff


If there is anything on the planet that it more sticky I have yet to find it.


Sugar Grovel, Virginia


Good bond


I'm using FlexEpox on white oak joints in my boat frame. I thickened it a bit with cab-o-sil to fill the gaps. It seems strong and in a test joint that I pulled apart, the wood splintered before the glue failed. I had no trouble planing through it during the fairing. I'll have to get back to you on how it holds up under use after she's launched.


Manchester, NH


Great epoxy product


I used this flexible epoxy to coat a cast iron keel. After heavy sanding to remove rust washed off the dust, dried the keel and applied. Used approximately one oz to cover a 1 sq. ft. spread using a flexible plastic putty knife to work into and smooth out the rough surface, excellent adhesion. Light sand and wash before applying bottom paint.

Boat builder/owner

North Shore Boston


FlexEpox Flexible Epoxy Adhesive



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