Quantum 45 Chromated Epoxy Primer Base
Quantum Quantum
  • Quantum 45 Chromated Epoxy Primer Base
  • Quantum 45 Epoxy Primer Activator

Quantum 45 Chromated Epoxy Primer

Quantum 45 Chromated Epoxy Primer provides maximum chemical resistance and corrosion protection on steel and aluminum surfaces, and is the recommended first coat on these prepared substrates. Once cured, this durable, two-part coating provides maximum adhesion for Quantum Epoxy Surfacing Primer (sold separately).

Quantum 45 is an integral part of the Quantum High Solids Repairable Marine Finish System for aluminum and steel topside surfaces.

Primer base comes in Yellow and Green colors, and is available in Quart and Gallon sizes. The spray activator is available in Quart and Gallon sizes.

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Item Number  Description  Quantity 
QUANTUM-45-IP-4094-KM1005  Yellow Base  Quart 
QUANTUM-45-IP-4094-KM1001  Yellow Base  Gallon 
QUANTUM-45-IP-6094-KM1005  Green Base  Quart 
QUANTUM-45-IP-6094-KM1001  Green Base   Gallon 
QUANTUM-45-IPA-100-KM1056  Spray Activator  Quart 
QUANTUM-45-IPA-100-KM1021  Spray Activator  Gallon 

Technical Specifications

  • Application Method: Spray
  • Substrates Aluminum and steel, prepared properly (see technical data sheet)
  • Mix Ratio: 1 part base to 1 part chromated epoxy primer activator
  • Induction and Thinning: Induct for 15 minutes before reducing/applying. Reduction not normally needed. If necessary, use 10-25% by volume of admixed paint with Quantum Epoxy Spray Reducer.
  • Pot Life: 8 hours @ 72°F
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 0.4-1.0 dry mils (10-25 microns)
  • Dry to Touch: 30 minutes @ 72°F
  • Dry Through: 2 hours @ 72°F
  • Full Cure: 7 days
  • Dry to Overcoat - Epoxy: 45 minutes, minimum / 48 hours, maximum
  • Dry to Overcoat - Polyurethane Topcoat: 60 minutes, minimum / 48 hours, maximum
  • Impact Resistance: Direct/Reverse > 80 in./lb.
  • Pencil Hardness: 2H
  • Viscosity (Admixed): 14-16", ZAHN #2
  • Volume Solids (Admixed): 40 +/-2%
  • VOC (Admixed): <420 g/L (3.5 lbs/gal)
  • Coverage: @ 1 mil, no loss, 640 ft2/gal
  • Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture
  • Adhesion Promoter: Use Quantum Adhesion Promoting Surface Treatment (sold separately) before application to ensure strong adhesion of this coating.


Warning: Application of these product systems requires recommended temperature and humidity conditions and film thickness ranges. Do not apply paint materials to surfaces less than 5°F above dew point, or to surfaces warmer than 125°F. The material, hangar, and substrate temperature should be no lower than 45°F before, during, and after application. Substrate temperature should be minimum 45°F to maximum 125°F. Use with adequate ventilation and proper respiratory protection.

See SDS for complete details of composition and precautions. See Technical Data Sheet for surface preparation, mixing, and application instructions.

Below Water Line (yes/no): No
BRAND: Quantum
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Primer
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