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TotalBoat Crystal Clear Epoxy Kits

TotalBoat Crystal Clear Epoxy Kits make it easy to get an extraordinarily clear, natural wood finish on brightwork, and wooden canoes and kayaks. Special UV filters in the hardener help prevent sunlight damage, and will improve the quality of the protection provided by any varnish finish.

These convenient, project-ready kits contain our TotalBoat Epoxy Resin, Crystal Clear Hardener, plus handy items for measuring and mixing: pumps & instructions, gloves, stir sticks, and mixing pots. The hardener and epoxy resin pumps are calibrated to the proper ratio of one pump of TotalBoat traditional epoxy resin to one pump of Crystal Clear Hardener.

Kits are available in Group Size A (Quart Kit) and Group Size B (Gallon Kit), and are packaged to reduce waste and save money.

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  • Compare TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener paired with TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy Resin to West System 207 Special Clear Hardener when paired with West System 105 Epoxy Resin.

Kit Contents

  • TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy Resin (Group Size A or Size B). Group Size A is the Quart Kit; Group Size B is the Gallon Kit
  • 1 TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy Resin pump (white)
  • 1 TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener (Size A or Size B)
  • 1 TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener pump (black)
  • 2 Qt. size plastic mixing pots
  • 2 10" wooden mixing sticks
  • 1 pair of large exam gloves


Mix Ratio by VOLUME  3 parts TotalBoat Epoxy Resin to 1 part TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener 
Mix Ratio by WEIGHT  100A (Resin) to 27B (Hardener) 
Pot life at 75°F  20 minutes 
Work life at 75°F, thin film  3-4 hours 
Set time at 75°F, thin film  10 to 15 hours 
Cure Time at 75°F, thin film  3 to 5 days 
Minimum recommended temperature   60°F 
Crystal Clear Hardener Sizes  Size A: 10 fl. oz; Size B: 42.3 fl.oz. 
Traditional Epoxy Resin Sizes  Size A: 30 fl. oz; Size B: 127 fl. oz. 

NOTE: TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener combined with TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy Resin has similar performance and finish characteristics as West System 207 Special Clear Hardener paired with West System 105 Epoxy Resin. However, for the clearest finish, we recommend the TotalBoat High Performance 2:1 Epoxy System.

Directions: TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener can be dispensed by pouring or using the included pump. This pump is calibrated to work with the TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy System.

IMPORTANT: When using the pumps, ONE PUMP of TotalBoat Epoxy Resin is calibrated to mix with ONE PUMP of TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener. Prime this pump by pumping until a steady flow of hardener comes out. DO NOT USE THIS PUMP WITH ANY OTHER HARDENERS.

Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of any surface contamination. Light sanding is recommended, followed by an oil-free solvent wipe, or a lint-free rag dampened with isopropyl alcohol or plain water to remove dust.

MEASURING: NOTE: THE MIX RATIO IS DIFFERENT THAN TRADITIONAL TOTALBOAT FAST AND SLOW HARDENERS. There are three ways to measure: (1) Use the calibrated pumps and the measuring is done automatically, (2) BY VOLUME: Measure THREE parts TotalBoat Epoxy RESIN to ONE part TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener, or (3) BY WEIGHT: Measure 100A:27B.

MIXING: Mix for 1-2 minutes, then add any desired fillers, if needed. The catalyzing of TotalBoat Epoxy is an exothermic (heat-producing) reaction. The peak exotherm will vary according to ambient temperature and choice of hardener.

Eye/Skin Protection: Wear protective eye wear, suitable gloves, and protective clothing.

IMPORTANT: This container will not come filled to the top. It contains the calibrated amount of product to work in conjunction with the same size resin container.

Important Safety Information

Always wear protective clothing and equipment to protect your eyes, skin, and lungs when working with TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy Resin and Hardeners. Personal protective clothing should include appropriate gloves, safety glasses or goggles, a proper respirator, and a proper apron or similar protective clothing.

BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Clear
4.1 12

Top quality epoxy resin


When working on a canoe project I was persuaded to try Total Boat epoxy over West Systems by the positive reviews. I was not disappointed. This was my first time using an epoxy resin on a large scale. I was initially apprehensive that it would be more of a challenge than I could manage. It turned out to be straight forward and simple. The pump system was accurate and I had great results even mixing in small batches. I even used some of the left over epoxy almost two years later! The color had yellowed slightly but it set up and cured just as well. I will definitely be using it on my next project.

Wooden canoe builder



will use again!


everything about the process explained well! the appearance is stunning!

T rex



Great Product


Cabinet top, quarter sawn white oak, about 7% moisture, 24 x 54.After gluing things were dead flat but that changed. Knots? Seasonal humidity?Made a few saw kerfs 3/4 deep in 1 inch stuff and used the epoxy to stabilize the underside.Not perfect flatness, I've done better, but the epoxy was so easy to use!It not only filled the kerfs but a hairline crack almost unnoticeable.




Still tacky days after application/ project ruined


I hate writing bad reviews but I have given this epoxy many many chances. I've had 3 main issues when using it.The first issue and probably most angering is how it's still tacky days after application. I've mixed the proper ratio of 1 pump to 1 pump, I've used hand stiring, drill attachment stiring, always stiring a few minutes longer than the 2-3 Min recommendation, I come back in a day or 2 later to wrap up work on my project and it's still tacky! I've done everything in my power to check if it was fault on my part and it's not. This issue not only screws up my project, it wastes my time! Not only do I need to clean it with acetone, I have to apply another coat and hopeThat it dries! It's to the point where I have to use urethane over the epoxy because it doesn't harden. My second issue is how extremely easy it scratches and gets finger prints on! I use this epoxy to clear coat my drums, and even after a week of the initial coating, one small touch and there is a perminate scratch on it. Especially when I'm lashing the drums, the ropes slightest friction scratches it. Or if I pick it up, there's finger print marks everywhere that do not go away, if I try and clean them or whip them off, I get patches of a dull sheen where my clear crystal shine used to be, that means I have to go back and add another coat or a coat of urethane. My last issue is the bubbles. I've tried heat guns, blow torches, and nothing seems to get rid of all the small bubbles and I'm left with small holes and voids all over our drums. I've tried calling the company before and each time they have been baffelled at what I explain to them. They acknowledge that I've done all steps correct but seem to have no knowledge on how to fix my issues, it's me who seems to be the one trying to teach them because they just don't seem to grasp what's going on. They are very nice and I apologize for putting them down, but they don't seem to understand. Most likely will not be purchasing again.


San Diego


Rock hard quality epoxy


Sets up good enough to sand in about 24 hours... Chrystal clear and only had to torch bubbles out one time. (Was used to fill knot holes in a table top)

Hazel Burr Design co.



I would not purchase or use this product again.


I have successfully and professionally built many watercraft over several years. I have used west system products faithfully, and successfully. I foolishly opted to try this product, and was very disappointed. After extensive and proper preparation and application, the product does not cure properly- not just once, but several attempts. There were several problems with the finished product- second and third coats cratered and fisheyes. The soft and sticky finish (after curing for weeks) melted using acetone to clean for painting. The final straw: I took my new mahagony beauty on vacation. It stayed in the water overnight tied to the dock. The clear finish of this epoxy product turned ugly flat white from contact with the water!!! It will take many angry hours to attempt a stripping and refinishing of this brand new boat.


Canton, michigan


Great product


I have never used this product nor done this type of project. I used crystal clear epoxy to final coat my wooden canoe. It was simple to mix and easy to apply. My boat looks fantastic!!


Williamstown, VT


Second coat cratered


I used this product over newly milled bare teak (bulwark cap for 30' sailboat under construction). I prepared the teak by sanding with 220 grit, vacuuming then wiping with acetone. After allowing acetone to fully evaporate, I applied the TB crystal clear with a high density foam roller. (Temperature was in the mid 70's). The first coat went on great; it was allowed to dry for a week at which point I lightly sanded the piece with 220, vacuumed, wiped as before, and applied a second coat. When this 2nd coat dried, it 'cratered' badly, meaning that there were many 'holes' or 'craters' along the entire length of the piece. This required a more agressive sanding session to remove the craters, almost back down to the bare wood. I have no idea why this happened, but it cost me "time", which is what I don't have an over-supply of...


Los Angeles, CA


Excellent choice vs. more expensive epoxies


I purchased the Crystal Clear kit after learning about it's comparison to West Systems. I was very pleased with the choice. It was easy to use, consistent in the results and performed as well as it claims to. I used it on a cedar strip canoe project and couldn't have been more pleased with the results. I will be using it again on my next project.

CG Woodworking

Provo, Utah


Mix ratio


A number of people have asked about the mix ratio. In this kit one pump of each is the correct mixture. Apparently there is some confusion about the smaller quart sized kits. The resin bottle is smaller and not filled to the top. That's the way it's supposed to be. One pump of each is the proper mixture. You also get a tube to extend the length of the pump for the larger resin bottle if you decide to get the larger size later. Still, one pump of each is the correct mix.


Seattle, WA

Crystal Clear Epoxy Kits



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