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Brownell Foldable Trailer Boat Lift

The Brownell Foldable Trailer Boat Lift helps you move your boat to or from your boat trailer on land. This strong sling holds the bow steady while you the put the boat onto boat stands for storage, or onto a boat trailer for connecting to your car and launching into the water.

Lift is designed for use with boats up to 25 feet in length, and total weight of no more than 5,000 pounds.

This convenient, portable boat lift folds easily for compact storage, and at approximately 85 pounds, is very easy to transport.

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Important: Read and follow all safety and usage instructions before using the Foldable Boat Lift.

The maximum boat width is limited by the inside width of the adjustable frame. Be sure to account for the handle, which is approximately 5 inches on each side. Observe the height dimension so that the lift's upper crossbar is above the foredeck and any pulpit. Please note that the lift crossbar can be divided with the knobs on the center, and can be fitted between the deck and rails.

The boat's total weight can be about 5,000 pounds for stern-powered boats, depending on the boat's weight distribution, engine placement etc.

When lifting, ALWAYS check that the belt against the side of the boat is in line between the lift poles on each side of the boat.

It is recommended that the Boat Lift and lifting belt are stored away from moisture and sunlight.

Technical Specifications  Measurements 
Overall Length  114 inches (57 inches folded for transport) 
Inside Width (between vertical frame arms)  Adjustable up to 108 inches 
Height  98.4 inches 
Lift Belt  Approved for 4,000 lbs. (7 x safety before failure) 
Unit Weight (Lift)  Frame 48.5 lbs. plus other parts approximately 37 pounds 
Maximum Boat Length and Load  Designed to lift a boat up to 25' in length weighing no more than 5,000 lbs. 
BRAND: Brownell
Type: Portable Boat Lifts
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